The only thing people and the world needs to heal is truth.   The core reason why there is so much imbalance and suffering everywhere is because we’re not being taught the actual, fundamental truths behind who and what we are, who and what “God” is, how we operate, and the purpose of life.

Our realities are solely dependent upon the information given to us on how to supposedly, most successfully traverse life.   If that information is not correct, confusion and chaos will inevitably ensue.

How realities are created in cultures and societies:

People are given information >

If that info makes enough sense to us in our minds it can form into our thoughts >

Our thoughts become our beliefs >

Our beliefs generate our actions >

Our actions create our realities >

Our realities become our truth.

The current state of affairs our society finds itself in is because partial truths, myths, and lies have been sold as truth here on Earth for generations upon generations.  These false stories have created false realities that do not accurately depict the true nature of life.  This inaccurate information is what is causing all the confusion, imbalance, and chaos in people’s lives, and thus Earth.

The continuous struggle that we constantly face on one level or another is nothing other than side-effects caused from trying to live out falsehoods, coupled with voids of accurate information.

Take trying to fly a plane for example with no experience and bad instructions.  It’s going to be a very difficult, if not impossible flight.

It’s the same with trying to navigate life under such misguidance.  In fact, to have struggles would be a perfectly normal reaction under such conditions.

A main ingredient that feeds the sickness is that we are taught not to trust in our own abilities, and that we must look outside ourselves for direction and guidance.

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”  ~Chinese Proverb

The problem is, figuratively and in a nutshell, we live in societies that are governed by industries and institutions that sell fish for a living.

Just as everything in nature in its true state and environment knows what to do and when, so do we have this innate knowing inside of us.  Confusion happens when we are taught not to trust in our own abilities, but to instead look outside ourselves for this direction, connection, comfort, and support.

“What was said to the rose that made it open, was said to me, here in my chest.”  -Rumi

Once a person becomes balanced through the truth of these fundamental issues by fully realizing them, the confusion and turmoil that was created from previous held beliefs can fall by the waste side.   With destructive addictions, habits, and distractions that were needed to ease the discord dying off from neglect.

The truth behind life is million times better than what we’re being told.  Refreshingly so, to say the least, there really is perfect sense behind all this seeming madness.

Earth has the potential of being a Heaven, but it’s up to us to create it as such.  I believe the information in this guidebook is how we can help achieve that.

Keep in mind: If one accepts their beliefs as the die-hard truth, hearing a completely different view will always appear false at first because it opposes the belief one has already understood and accepted as their truth.

Renée Chae
This Thing Called Life- Living Your Ultimate Truth, 2018

Coming March, 2018!

Below is an excerpt from TTCL in the section titled, “Spiritual Vertigo”:

“As you start to feel the floor beneath you give way, know the illusion is crumbing.  And when you start to see the “reality” for what it is, an illusion, not only the floor gives way, but the walls and ceiling open up too. What you temporarily thought was real will dissipate before your eyes. You will see the mirage of what looked like life, maybe for decades slowly dissolve. It can then make way for the grand reality that these fundamental truths bring.

You will find yourself, maybe gradually, but probably gladly, letting go of the false life and gravitating towards these fundamental truths naturally.  This is because your soul are these truths and your soul longs more than anything but to feel home again.

The more you seek to know what is real through your heart and mind’s intelligence, the more truth you will find.  And there is no end to truth; no mysterious ways or blind faith needed.

The more one seeks, the more one uncovers, and the best part is, we find it’s not a new reveal to discover. Life’s simply a trick we played on ourselves for the sheer intent of experiencing life, and our truest essence of identity. With no judgment, no criticism, no condemnation ever to be had.

If we can remember, and if we can rediscover, while under this intentional guise of amnesia, we will experience the ultimate goal in life, Remembrance, and then life will be seen clearly and completely for what it is, and the continuous confusion, pain, and suffering will be no more.”

Renée Chae,
This Thing Called Life- Living Your Ultimate Truth, 2018