The Meaning of Life in a Nutshell

The following article titled, “The Meaning of Life in a Nutshell” is a very brief overview of some of the information that’s available in my free online book titled, This Thing Called Life- Come Full Circle.

Most of us have no idea the true meaning of life and the real reasons as to why we are here on Earth.  We don’t know because what’s being passed down from generation to generation are mostly myths, lies, and partial truths.  Earth has been stuck in that groove for ages, hence the elementary state of our world.

We all have an inner compass that leads to truth and lasting peace and joy within us, but this is not what is being taught to us in our societies and cultures.  This is why there is so much chaos, confusion, illness, violence, etc… in the world.  Instead we are taught from the time we are very young to look outside ourselves for understanding and fulfillment.  But things outside of us can no more fulfill what’s in us than plastic fruit can nourish the body.  We are simply not designed that way.

I know I wasn’t aware of the meaning of life or how to navigate it until the last several years, and therefore suffered unnecessarily with the typical depression, anxiety, and distraction/addiction disorders for decades.  This information has changed my life and is why I spent the last 8 months writing so I could share it with you.  I know this information can help you not just get over those typical disorders, or what I call “side effects” from simply being born here, but cause you to love life, understand it fully, and embrace everything about it.  There really is sense behind all the seeming madness.

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Below is an excerpt from TTCL’s section titled: “Spiritual Vertigo”.

“As you start to feel the floor beneath you give way, know the illusion is crumbing. And when you start to see the reality for what it is, an illusion, not only the floor gives way, but the walls and ceiling open up too. What you temporarily thought was real, will dissipate before your eyes. You will see the mirage of what looked like life probably for decades slowly dissolve. It can then make way for the grand reality that only the Truth brings. You will find yourself maybe gradually, but probably gladly, letting go of the false life and gravitating towards Truth naturally. That is because your soul is Truth and it longs more than anything to be home, again.

The more you seek to know Truth through your heart and not your mind, the more Truth you will find. And there is no end to Truth, no “mysterious ways” or “blind faith”, for what cannot be understood and made clear in the mind, adds up perfectly through the heart.

The Ultimate Truth is Deep, Vast, Eternal, Omniscient…. for Truth, could be nothing less.

The more one seeks through the heart, the more one uncovers. And the best part is we find it’s not a new reveal to discover. Life’s simply a trick we played on ourselves for the sheer intent of experiencing life and our truest essence of identity. With no judgment, no criticism, no condemnation ever to be had.

If we can remember, and if we can rediscover while under this intentional guise of amnesia, we will experience the ultimate goal in life, Remembrance. And then Life will be seen clearly and completely for what it is, and the continuous confusion, pain, and suffering will be no more.”

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Renée Chae,
This Thing Called Life- Come Full Circle, 2017



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