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Renée Chae, who despite being born in a very loving, well-intended, fundamental Christian family outside of Boston, MA, and due to circumstances out of control, was on her own and without a home starting at the age of fourteen.  Being on her own at such a young age without the influence of parents, teachers, a pastor, or other adults, allowed her the needed room to grow and form her own opinions and knowings based off her life’s firsthand experiences.  She started to realize then, the explanations given behind the meaning of life didn’t quite add up and feel right to her, considering what she witnessed.  Her personal life experiences started to cause her to no longer just accept other’s beliefs as her own truths solely based on the “it’s just the way life is” spiel.   

She witnessed the great depth to her society’s illness when she was unsuccessful at finding a safe place to live for 2 1/2 years free from unwarranted sexual advancements, despite 50 plus attempts and the most seemingly promising prospects.  She often resorted to sleeping between bushes on a beach with a knife stuffed in her teddy bear, and got very good at things like climbing over 10-ft. wire fences that surrounded train tracks and jumping out of 2nd story windows to evade threatening situations.  Little did she know that her ex-Green Beret Father’s military training that he shared with her and two brothers years earlier would pay off and save her on several occasions.     

She felt invisible, and found alcohol was helpful at numbing the tremendous pain she felt inside.  As well as its ability to silence the chaos in her mind, albeit always only temporary.  “I’m almost certain drinking alcohol kept me alive,” she recalls.  “There was hardly a moment, never mind a day, that I did not fantasize about ending my life.   I was absolutely exhausted.  The thought of not having to fight to survive any longer, but rest, was very tempting and brought me feelings of hope, joy, and peace.”

Even though she had a very difficult time finding unconditional love and support anywhere, and life was what she called a living nightmare, she remembers feeling as though she was being watched and supported from a distance throughout it all.  And that this experience might even be happening in order to serve some kind of bigger purpose. 

She vividly remembers at 16, making a promise to herself that when she was older and able, that she was going to help end the kind of suffering she witnessed firsthand, and saw in the other invisible people around the city.  Many of whom she got to know and love.

Several years later, Renée, would be taken under the wing by an Indigenous young man.  He taught her about his peoples ways, and it all made so much sense to her.  

One day he asked her a question that took her back.  She will never forget that question to this day as it planted a seed within her that’s been growing ever since.  He asked, “why do your people treat you like this?”  Until he asked her that, she just figured she must have done things to deserve her life.   It was with that question that she started to see the bigger picture and had glimmers of hope that maybe she’s not only worthy, but deserving of more.  

Her teen life would be just the beginning of decades of challenging life experiences most of which she now embraces wholeheartedly.  She knows it’s because of those rich life experiences that she can truly relate and empathize with all kinds of people from non-judgmental, understanding perspectives.  There’s nothing she wants more than to help heal the pain and end the constant struggle because she knows all too well what life in today’s society can serve. 

Present Day- Come Full Circle

In May, of 2016, Renée Chae, felt very compelled to start writing down much of the information she has learned throughout her life that has brought a continuous state of balance, peace, love, and understanding for this thing called life.  

Following are Renée Chae’s words. 

I fully understands why people do the things they do and why the world is the way it is.   

Since it hit me that it was time to share the information, there’s been no second guessing or looking back.  This is the confidence a person finds when they learn to tune in, live, and express their truth.

What I have also come to find as this book has progressed, is that the words I share from my heart are being simultaneously fueled by a larger Source.  I know this in part because I too often learn as I write.  Or as I realize, is much more accurate to say, remember.

And that remembering comes as a defined, inner-knowing that resonates perfectly and peacefully, and feels right and true to the core. 

As I write, it is very evident to me that I am accessing an abundant, endless well of truth from the unseen world that inhabits the space between the matter and at which all life is connected.  I feel a tremendous, outpouring of love for Earth and all its inhabitants while writing about all this, and I see and feel hopeful in knowing firsthand the potential of the information.   While writing, the world dims and I find I am brought into this place of love that wants nothing more than to heal the people of Earth, and end the relentless struggle and unnecessary suffering here.  

The information is not known in the mainstream, and to have doubt or skepticism is wise. A closed mind; however, stops forward motion and growth.  If this information was known in the mainstream, the state of our current society would not be in the shape it’s in.  And no matter what a person may think towards me and the information I share is irrelevant.  The results I know the truth brings, speaks for itself, and those results are the goal. 

I also have come to know through this perpetual unveiling, is that I am no different, better, or more special than anyone else to have access to this information.  I know everyone has access to it.  The problem is, or more accurately, the disconnect happens, because most of us were never taught how to access the truth within.  I have no doubt this is the same reason why we have so much mental illness, sickness, crime, violence, etc.. in our societies.  When someone is not living their truth, they become out of balance, or what new science discoveries have termed, incoherent.

I am sharing both the information that is being revealed, along with the how it is being revealed in this book.  Once you understand these natural laws, you too can embark on your own quest for truth that will be specific to your individual soul’s journey.   A truth that is revealed in a knowing, first-hand manner, and not as a belief simply explained to you.

I am but a piece of the puzzle that is being placed in order to create among us a new Earth that will much more accurately and adequately depict and reflect who we all truly are.

With Great Love,

Renée Chae ~2017


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