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To My Beloved Parents, thank you for teaching me love, respect, and compassion for all people.  Not just towards my smiling neighbor, but towards the stranger lying on the pavement covered in dirt and neglect.

Thank you, Mom, for buying me my first beloved baby doll when I was a young girl, whom I named, Cocoa, after her powder chocolate colored skin.   This taught me that one’s shade of skin is irrelevant, and that love is what matters.

Thank you, Dad, for not treating me as though I was weaker or less than my brothers, or otherwise limiting me, but for always including me without question in all activities.  Because of this, I never thought I could not do something because of a word, and was therefore able to experience and learn from all life offered me as a child.

Thank you for teaching me character and integrity are what truly matter in life.  That a person is only as good as their word, and how to be a true and loyal friend.

You gave me a childhood that brought an abundance of love to and from almost everyone I came in contact with.  It was a world where those imaginary lines that divide us were not welcome based on one’s shade of skin, gender, or income.

To My Beloved Children-   What can I say to the beautiful Souls that have been the host to bringing me such an abundant array of life’s richest experiences.  From gut- wrenching to heart-rending, to terrifying and hysteria, to laughing uncontrollably and euphoria; I am experiencing so much in life because of you!

Every day is an adventure and I am so thankful and grateful beyond words can express that I have the honor of being called mom by you three.  I am so excited to see how each of your life’s journeys unfold and all that you get to experience.  Remember, you can’t have joy without the pain, so embrace the pain just the same.

To My Beloved Friend, Ray-  Thank you for believing in me and for your continued support and encouragement while writing this book.  It’s been wonderful to have someone to bounce it all off while understanding all I say here because your own journey has revealed much of the same things.  Thank you for being thoughtful, compassionate, understanding, and genuine.  Not to mention, funny!  Everyone needs a Ray in their life.

“Mine [God] is always your Highest Thought, your Clearest Word, and your Grandest Feeling.  Anything less is from another source.”  ~Conversations with God (Neale Donald Walsh). 

“A mind at peace, a mind centered and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force on the universe.”  ~Dr. Wayne Dyer


Renée Chae. 2017

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The problems that plague our world today are caused from nothing other than misinformation about who we are and why we are here on Earth to begin with.

These untruths are the core reasons as to why so many people are confused about life, and therefore don’t know how to properly navigate it. Our realities are solely dependent upon the information we are given, if we were never taught the who and why, how would we know the how?

Earth got off track ages ago, so looking for people to place blame is not only impossible, but counterproductive. We need to be focusing on the cure and healing of the people, and not the symptoms and side-effects that the false information caused.

This information is not a belief, as in something that is taught to us without question i.e. “it’s just the way life is”, one must have “blind faith”, or “God works in mysterious ways”. This information loves questions because it leads to more of its discovery.

The truth is always endless.  It adds up, makes sense and fills in the blanks.

When something is true for us, we know it because it resonates perfectly with us. Just like when something is not our truth, it creates dissonance, disharmony, disease…

I see people in my personal life and all over the world who are having very similar if not same experiences as me at this critical, pivotal time on Earth. I’m honored to help carry this information to the world knowing what it has the potential of becoming. Especially with all of the latest scientific findings surrounding the heart, DNA, energy fields, etc.. that supports much of what I relay here.

If you have any questions or comments never hesitate to contact me, I would love to hear about your thoughts and experiences.

Renée Chae
Springfield, Missouri

The poison that plagues us.

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I wrote this book because almost all the information we’re receiving via the teachings and traditions that are being passed down from generation to generation about who we are, who and what God is truly about, and the meaning and purpose behind this whole life thing are deeply inaccurate. These misconceptions are why Earth is in such a sad state, and why so many of its inhabitants are struggling to successfully process and thus navigate this thing called life.

This book is meant to be read from beginning to end.  Jumping in at any given section is not recommended because a lot of this information will probably be very new.  It would be like tuning into a movie a person has never seen thirty minutes into it; there’s just no way someone is going to be able to understand what’s going on in full context.

Never judge someone's story by the chapter you walk in on

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Winging Life

Trying to navigate life with limited and false information is much like trying to pilot a plane for the first time without adequate training. With any luck a person has enough skill to wing it, but it will most likely be one stressful, not so enjoyable ride to say the least.

Without adequate information telling us the truth about life, it’s no surprise how and why people are struggling so much.  With one misstep having the potential to send a person into a downward spiral they don’t have the know-how and capability of pulling themselves out of.

The core reason why our society, its inhabitants, and Earth are in such disarray on such a grand-scale is because we lack the truth of who we truly are, who and what God truly is about, and the real meaning behind this life thing.


Without this information and knowledge, which is different than a belief, we are basically winging it.

And with this knowledge and information comes the ability to most successfully traverse life in joy, peace, and harmony all while helping to put Earth on Its most abundant track.

Winging Life

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Our Sad Mad Society

I’m not going to break down the devastating, heinous, and absurd things we hear about daily, I’m sure through all kinds of media, you’ve been filled to the brim with these continuous happenings.  On an individual level, a person can live under a rock and only know a handful of people and find a good percentage of them are having trouble with life to the degree they very often feel one or more of the following:

Confused, sad, helpless, powerless, hopeless, unimportant, undervalued, guilt, shame, like a burden, anger, rage, need to manipulate or control, stress, anxious, lonely, bored, moody, apathetic, exhausted with life and/or just wanting it all to end. 

Disturbing Suicide Statistics

According to the
National Center for Health Statistics latest study, the suicide rate in the United States has increased 24% per 100,000 from 1996 to 2014.  The pace has doubled since 2006.Figure 1. Age-adjusted suicide rates, by sex: United States, 1999–2014



Figure 3. Suicide rates for males, by age: United States, 1999 and 2014



Figure 2. Suicide rates for females, by age: United States, 1999 and 2014



Some suicide statistic facts you might find interesting:

Males are 3-5 times more likely to commit suicide than females.

Our ex-military are at double the risk to commit suicide.

Men over the age of 75 make up the highest rate of suicide by far.

The gap between males and females have greatly decreased in recent years with females committing suicide at a much greater rate than before.

There has been a 200% rate increase among young females between the ages of 10-14 committing suicide.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the suicide rate among youngsters ages 10 to 14 has been steadily rising, and doubled in the U.S. from 2007 to 2014.

There has been a 63% rate increase among females between the ages of 45-64 committing suicide.


It is clear with these increased rates among both females and males in the United States in almost every age bracket that things are not improving.

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The Silent Voice Within

“What was said to the rose that made it open, was said to me, here in my chest.”  -Rumi

All of nature knows instinctively how to live in perfect balance with itself and its surroundings.  It knows this because it listens to the silent voice within.  We are part of nature just the same and we all have a silent voice that tells us exactly what to do and when, with respect to living our truth and creating a balanced, harmonious life.

Life and nature are all about balance and perfect timing, and humans are no exception.  To think humans are separate from nature and the environment is one of the biggest misconceptions being passed down. All one has to do is acknowledge they were born in an environment to realize they are part of an environment and thus part of nature.

We are out of balance, and thus living in discord and disharmony, because we are out of touch with the true nature of ourselves.  And we are out of touch with ourselves because we are not taught how to tune in and listen to our silent voice within.  We are instead taught to tune in and listen to the instructions of other people, many of whom we don’t even know, and for motives we may not fully be clear on.

If these instructions tell us anything other than to tune into our own silent voice within for direction in life, they are not accurate because they are not our truth.  These inaccurate instructions that tell us to listen to others are forming our thoughts, and these thoughts become our beliefs, and our beliefs generate our actions, and our actions create our reality, and our reality creates our truth.

The breakdown goes like this:

We are given information on how to supposedly successfully traverse life >

That information forms our thoughts >

Our thoughts become our beliefs >

Our beliefs generate our actions >

Our actions create our realities >

Our realities become our truth.

But the life that has been created is not who we are because it’s not our truth.  We know this because it did not come by way of the silent voice within.  But we believe the lie and try to live it because we’re repeatedly told it’s the right thing to do.  We continuously try and make sense of everything in our cranial brains as to why we are so confused, conflicted, and dissatisfied, but it just leads to more frustration, apathy, and anxiety.

If you take any being in nature out of its natural habitat, and create another life for it in another environment, and then dictate to that being what it can and cannot do, it does not matter how “elaborate” the environment is, that being is not going to be happy.

We can only be happy and at peace when we have the freedom to express our true selves and live our truth.    After all, it is the reason why we are here and have these lives to begin with.

Ignoring or restricting the silent voice within causes dissonance among our whole bodily system.  Our body, head, and heart are all connected and interrelated.  Once we tune out our central voice, our entire body goes into malfunction mode.  I go into the science behind this later on in the book.

The Silent Voice Within

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What We Tune Into is What We See

The Silent Voice Within section is a perfect example of how truth can be right under our nose, but if we are not taught it, and therefore don’t focus in on it, we can’t see it.

It’s much like watching satellite TV and using a remote control.  The satellite TV stations are always broadcasting shows, but unless we tune into a station by punching in the channel’s number on the remote, we are not going to see the show.

Unless we’re taught we have a silent voice within that tells us how to live in perfect harmony and balance with ourselves and everything in life, we are not going to know to tune into that voice for direction.

Today, our families’ lives are completely dependent upon the information we are being given from outside sources.  This is how we’re taught to receive our information and navigate our lives.  Life as we know it could be coming to an end, but unless we’re told, “life is coming to an end and this is why…!”, and by people we trust, we are not going to know about it.

Therefore, it is critical and imperative for people to learn how to tune into their own wisdom and truth via the silent voice within.  And when we are considering an outside source of information, to make sure it matches up completely with our own truth, and to also know what any outside source’s true motives and bottom line are.

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Dealing by Distraction

To get people’s lives off their inner discord, people deal with their life’s dissatisfactions by turning to, and tuning into, something else to bring them some sense a pleasure and ease.  But as soon as that pleasure, ease, or newness wears off, the discord and dissonance is felt again.  These distractions never take away the dissonance, they just cover it up, slightly, and temporarily.


It’s a vicious cycle that goes like this:

A person is not taught to tune in and trust their inner voice >

The direction they take is not based in their truth and only living one’s truth brings lasting love, peace, joy, and harmony >

They feel lost, bored, confused, sad, anxious, uncertain, frustrated, disappointed, etc… >

They find something(s) that temporarily makes them feel good and that takes their mind/lives off their feelings of discord >

After the distraction “high” wears off the discord is felt again >

They repeat the distraction or use or find another one to (temporarily) ease the discord >

We will become dependent and addicted to just about anything to help take our mind/lives off the discord, such as:

Quest for money, more material stuff, respect, power, and value; coffee, soda and other stimulants; relationships, religion, social media, work; quest for success or fame, doing good deeds for others; cleaning, video games, TV, exercise, eating, not eating, sex, alcohol, drugs, shopping, etc.

But these “fixes” and “highs” are always only temporary.  Until one learns to tune into their inner voice it will be impossible for a person to live in lasting peace, harmony, love and joy.

The issues that cause these obsessive and destructive distractions, addictions, and habits arise not from a lack of trying in one’s life, but from a lack of accurate information available in regards to the true meaning of life, God, and who we are.  We simply don’t know of any better.  

Once we become balanced through the Truth of these very important issues, we eliminate the discord within, and every level of us becomes unified and satisfied.  Then all destructive addictions, habits, and distractions that people looked towards to ease the pain falls away and dies from neglect because we are no longer in need of them.

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The Constant Struggle

The popular belief that continuous suffering and struggling is just the way life is, is a myth.

We do not need to continuously suffer and struggle in life. Truth is, we are much better off when we are not continuously suffering.

The constant struggle is not a necessary part of life, but rather a side-effect of missing VITAL information on what this life thing is truly about.

Although the symptoms and side-effects may be different, the massive majority of people regardless of class, race, gender, religion, age, etc… are being affected in one way or another in our ill-society.  For the most part all one must do is to be born on Earth and chances are they’re going to have major issues to overcome.

The constant struggle exists in response to our current reality due to the lack of accurate information available to us to successfully handle life.

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Primitive Earth

Civilized Society Defined: “Having what is considered as an advanced or humane culture and society.  Marked by well-organized laws and rules about how people behave with each other.  Polite, reasonable, and respectful.  Pleasant and comfortable.” 

Notice how those definitions by and Merriam-Webster of what a “civilized society” entails only takes into consideration, human beings.  It makes no mention that any care, attention, or respect should be given towards our environment, or any other life forms.

That definition sounds absurd to me now when I think about it.  I read it almost a year ago and it sounded about right then, but now I read it and I think, what??  No! That is not accurate.  That shows me what can happen once we become open to learning new things, and it’s quite promising.

Would not a truly civilized society care about what’s behind life and what makes life happen?  If we do not have an environment, and we do not have other species that help to make up the environment, we have no environment, and we have no life.

This is what we’re being taught to tune into as far as the definition of what a “civilized society” is, but it is in fact, infantile.

It’s about as advanced as a toddler who throws a huge fit when it’s time to eat because they only want to eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  This toddler is totally convinced that ice cream is life, and that she will be totally fine if she were to eat ice cream every day of her life.  When the truth is, after a period of time, she would become sick because of the lack of needed vitamins, minerals, protein, etc.. and she would eventually die.

The toddler doesn’t understand ice cream is not life, but balance is, because the toddler is only focusing on what she knows, that ice cream tastes yummy, and what she wants, ice cream because it tastes yummy.  She does not realize that her body needs nutritional balance to support it and to continue giving her life.

Just like so many people in our society do not realize it needs the environment’s support to live.  Nor does our current collective society realize the environment is dependent upon us for its survival.

It goes like this:

The environment is dependent upon us to respect it and not change the natural order of things >

The environment can then live and thrive >

We can then be supported off this thriving environment and we too can thrive. >

It’s the giving and receiving great circle of life.

But what happens when we cut off our responsibility in the great circle of life and fail our environment?  The great circle of life becomes broken.  And just like that girl can’t live off ice cream alone, neither can we solely live and thrive off our self-seeking desires and wants either.   Life simply does not work that way.

A truly civilized, developed society would realize this.  It would take notice and care about the entire environment, all life forms, all organisms, and would not do anything that would jeopardize its survival.

Just like as a person matures in life they learn what constitutes a healthy relationship.  They realize it’s all about balance, mutual respect, appreciation, love and care.  We have the ability to be an advanced, truly civilized society, we just need to be honest with ourselves, seek out truth, critically think about all the information we’re receiving, and behave in a manner that takes all into consideration.

Native American cultures center their lives around great balance and respect for Mother Earth and the environment because they understand the great circle of life.  Therefore, they can live here on this Earth for ten thousand plus years in total balance without doing harm to themselves, generations to come, or the planet.   

It still is the heart of Native American culture to respect Mother Earth.  That is something we need to tune into and learn from if we want life to continue here, and abundantly.  The Iroquois Nation created the, “Seventh Generation Principle” that was written at least 600 years ago that essentially states,   

“In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.” 

If we could enclose great love and respect for all in one sentence, I would imagine that would be it.  Every word is bathed in love, respect, and concern for the generations to come and for the planet.   That way of life deserves the utmost respect because it gives the utmost respect.   

I don’t believe anyone wants what is happening to the United States and Earth to happen.  Many people here just don’t know any different; they don’t know of another channel so-to-speak to tune into.  To boot, here in the US, we are continuously taught that we are the best, that other countries are just jealous of us, so why would we think another way of life could be better?  

But the numbers don’t lie.  If we were living in a truly advanced, humane, and civilized society and world, so many of its inhabitants would not be suffering with continuous depression, anxiety, obesity fear, panic, confusion, anguish, grief, jealousy, contempt, hatred, cruelty, violence, crime, unemployment, hunger, poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, suicide, etc…

Nor would the planet be suffering the way it is with war, air and water pollution, energy depletion, climate change, overflowing landfills, deforestation, species extinction, over population, ocean acidification, ozone layer depletion, over-fishing, etc..

There is no question that Earth is struggling to survive just like we are, but only because we are.  The suffering of Earth is yet another side-effect of our ill-programming.  Once we know how to tune into the Truth “channel”, living in perfect balance with ourselves and others will become totally natural, and taking care of Earth will literally become second nature.

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The Inevitable Programming

When every human being first comes into this world we arrive by being born into a completely dependent and helpless, super cute little baby body with a big head and a blank cranial brain.

The programming of our cranial brain begins at the time we start to comprehend the world around us and is completely dependent upon what our family, society and its culture consists of and teaches us.

Over time our cranial brains get filled in by the teachings from well-meaning parents and care-givers and we learn how to process and navigate life through their eyes.  We learn how to view and treat ourselves and others, what God is about (if anything), cultural values, ideals, gender roles, family roles, entertainment and activities, habits, addictions, views on sex, dating and marriage, how to deal with emotions, the way we make decisions, etc.

We are also taught about life by way of the people we hang out with, the lyrics in the music we listen to, what television shows and movies we watch, school and churches we attend, books we read, etc…These teachings become the lens through which we view our world.

Our family culture becomes our foundation, our societies culture becomes the framework, and within this outline we create our reality and build our life story. And that reality becomes our truth as we know it, and although it is our current reality truth, the question to ask is, is it the Truth?  That is, the Ultimate Truth of who we are, who and what God truly is about, and the real meaning behind life.

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The Bad Sun Analogy

Let’s say for example we are told our whole life that the sun is bad for us to the degree it will kill us if we venture out into the sunlight for too long.  We’ve been told from the time we were mere babes of past people who were exposed to too much sun when suddenly they burst into flames because of it.  We’ve even witnessed firsthand people turning red and blistering from too much of its exposure and so we accept it as being “just the way life is”.

Everyone in our existence believes this as truth as this has been the story that has been passed down to us from generation to generation and from the people we trust most with our lives; our parents, grandparents, care-givers, teachers, etc..  Therefore, being smart, an obedient daughter/son and good citizen we listen to the warnings and stay completely out of the sun.

We therefore never get the chance to enjoy our beautiful planet and live our lives the way it has the potential of being lived.   Not only this, we suffer from the side-effects caused from the lack of vitamin D with symptoms of depression, memory loss, mental-illness, heart-disease, cancer, etc…

Since we know better than to question what we’ve been taught our entire lives and what everyone else around us believes, we never dare to think never mind openly verbalize of how not getting sunlight and all our sicknesses may relate.  We aren’t even able to dream of a life in the sun because our fear of dying such a horrific death is so great.  We just know the sun is bad, it’s just the way life is and thus has become our reality.

This story might seem a little extreme to you, but that’s only because you’re outside of it.   If it were your experience and your reality it would not seem extreme at all, in fact it would seem perfectly normal.

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We Only Know What We Know

We must first realize that we only know what we know, and we only know what we’ve been taught.  Our perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes are what create our realities.  And we understand only those things that have been taught and explained to us.  What if what has been taught and passed down for generations upon generations is not accurate?  What if it is mere bits and pieces of the truth mixed in with myths and lies?

Could that explain why our world and its inhabitants are in the position and state it’s all in?

What if the real, ultimate truth was never taught to us? Could that be why so many of us are suffering and struggling with life?

Could it be that the Truth can set us free?  Answer all our questions while peacefully resonating within our souls?  Leave us no longer confused, lost, and lacking, but instead satisfy us on every level?

YES, that is exactly what can happen in light of the Truth.  That is what has happened to me and hundreds of thousands of other people upon hearing and understanding it.

I see people every day who are struggling immensely to make sense of this thing called life, and understandably so since the information we’ve been given is wrong.   I remember very well what it was like for me to be in the dark and now know beyond any doubt it’s the programming of mistruths that are causing the continuous pain, confusion, and suffering amongst people.

My intention and purpose with this book is to help get this information out there with the hopes to help put a stop to all the unnecessary suffering, while also, and because of, stop Earth’s ruin that is inevitable on its current path.

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The Ultimate Truth is Endless

It’s very important that you not take anyone else’s word for anything, as that is how we all got in this predicament in the first place.  The Truth wants YOU to find it but you must be willing to seek it out openly and freely.  We are in the realm of free will here on Earth and ultimate free will is one of Earth’s Absolute Laws (Truths).

You must CHOOSE to seek answers and be open to them for them to be found.  If one thinks they already know the answers or otherwise limits what the answers can be, whether consciously or subconsciously, it will greatly limit one’s ability to gain knowledge and stunt one’s inner development.

The Absolute Truth never minds a person seeking for answers on their own because It realizes the best way to acquire a real, deep knowing is through true-life personal experience.  The depth of knowledge a person obtains through experiencing something far exceeds a belief taught to them using mere words.

The Truth never says, “don’t ask questions”, that to ask questions is a “lack of faith”.  The Truth WANTS us to ask questions because it knows it is WISE to ask questions.

The Truth never minds us digging deep because the Truth has nothing to hide. Only something or someone that has things to hide and is afraid of things being revealed, does not want questions asked.

You very well may have heard the expression, “God works in mysterious way”, a time or two hundred, but that is not ultimately accurate. Life does make sense.  And the more a person digs in the direction of Truth, the more one finds and uncovers Truth.  And the Truth does add up.  It interconnects with itself and fills in all the blanks.

The expression “God works in mysterious ways” was created because people/organizations feared digging deep because there is no firm foundation.  That is why “blind faith” is necessary in these organizations, because the stories do not hold up under scrutiny.

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An Eagle’s View

I talk extensively in this book on how we can access our inner knowing and wisdom via tuning into the silent voice within.  We access this silent voice within by simply listening to what our heart is telling us.  In doing this we have all the support and guidance we need to know how to most efficaciously traverse this thing called life.  This natural ability of ours has laid dormant for ages, hence the track our world has been on and its current position.

Upon this heart awakening you will find your new understanding of life will reach a level that you may have only in your wildest dreams dreamt possible.  And the level of understanding just keeps being raised.  This is because this heart awakening will set you free from the caged-in existence of bondage that the programming inevitably entraps us in.  And the Truth has no limit to what we can learn, or better yet, remember here.

To see the world from an eagles’ panoptic view, you must be brave enough through pure intention of seeing yourself stepping outside of the cranial brain’s programming (mental cage) and take a good look around using fresh eyes and an open heart.   Through pure intention and being open is how one can perceive of and receive a much bigger picture.

Whatever information resonates peacefully with your heart keep and whatever doesn’t, dismiss.  You will find the Truth of Life is that simple.  It is this way because we are essentially Truth and Love and is why Truth and Love peacefully and positively resonate with us. Whereas information that is not our truth nor love will create a feeling of discord, inner turmoil, dissatisfaction, or otherwise, and gives our body a negative reaction.

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Who I Wrote This For

This book is for the self-determining, deep thinkers who have difficulty latching on and buying into the current beliefs and concepts being passed on to us that supposedly explain who we are, who and what God is about, and the meaning behind life. But instead insist things resonate with their own heart and line up with their own life experiences before accepting certain beliefs as their own truths.

For people who are not happy with the current mental, emotional, and physical conditions and states of the individuals that make up our societies, and who are even less impressed with the tired and shallow suggestions being told by our mainstream leaders, professionals, and teachers on how to supposedly help with its resolve.

Basically, for anyone who’s hungry for real, positive, lasting, and dynamic change.

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How to tell the Difference Between a Belief and a Truth

My Christian Religious Upbringing

I come from a fundamentally Christian religious background and thus understand how strong, intimidating, and convincing the teachings can be.  I understand very well the tremendous guilt and feelings of betrayal towards “God’ if other ways are even remotely considered.

There are a lot of people, groups, religions, claiming to be the right way, and is why I get into how you can recognize, detect, and know Truth relatively early in this book, and cover this normally natural skill extensively.

Keep in mind:

If one accepts their beliefs as the die-hard truth, hearing a completely different view will always appear false at first because it opposes the belief one has already understood and accepted as their truth.

Truth vs Beleif


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When Being Open-minded is Discouraged

It’s a HUGE RED FLAG if a religion, spiritual group, or any other organization warns its members or followers against being open to new ideas and concepts, or otherwise discourages an individual for thinking for themselves or for pursuing their happiness on their own.

Just add not being free to openly ask questions within the organization and there’s the perfect environment for cranial brain manipulation and thus life programming if one lives out of the cranial brain’s eye.

When we are discouraged against asking questions within an organization it solidifies the teachings and subjects it to no change.  This basically freezes one’s progression in life which goes against not only the US’s Declaration of Independence, but the very nature of our soul and the whole soul’s purpose for being here in the first place.

It is our birthright to be allowed to move about freely and we need to be able to do this to expand, advance, and evolve.  It’s what our Soul longs for and needs more than anything, that is space and room to truly be and live freely.

The way our brain works is whenever we are told something repeatedly as in a religious doctrine it eventually becomes normal to us because it becomes a memory.  And what becomes normal to us will most likely become our reality.  And what becomes our reality will become our truth.

Because of this programming that warns people against being open, when a person does consider other ideas and concepts they often feel uncomfortable negative feelings such as anxiety, fear, sadness, guilt, shame, judgment, and condemnation.

Any religious or spiritual organization that teaches the following is a programming haven and lethal combination by killing someone’s birthright of free will:

  • Discourages a person from being open and seeking out information on their own.
  • Dejects open communication and questions.
  • Teaches one can’t trust in their own nature, experiences, and opinion.
  • Teaches them the answers are outside of them.

Although our souls never die, adhering to beliefs that teach the above is the closest one can come to a death of their own Spirit.

All an organization needs to do is add secrets among its members and the leader not having much accountability and the organization will probably fall under the definition of a cult.

This kind of programming keeps people stuck in life and not growing and expanding by way of real-life experience in the natural process the soul is not only is entitled to, but absolutely needs, desires and deserves.

We’ll get more into this further on in the book, but right now I want you to be aware in case you are experiencing any of these negative feelings, and ask yourself a programmer’s nightmare question, WHY?

WHY are you having those negative feelings?  To answer that question all you need to do is tune into the thoughts that are producing the negative feelings.

Oftentimes, these thoughts are so deeply engrained in us and below our conscious level we are not even aware we’re thinking them.

It is after-all “just the way life is” in our perfectly “normal” society and reality.

Until that is, these perfectly “normal” realities are pointed out to us and we focus in on them and pay attention to what’s actually being said.To trust in yourself is to trust the Source that created you.

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In Full Force

What is the most important meditation we can do?  Critical thinking followed by actions. Discern what your world is. Know the plot of your life of this human drama and figure out where your talents might fit in to make a better world.”  ~Dalai Lama XIV

Full Force legal definition: With all members of a particular group present. Synonyms: functioning, high powered, in full effect, mighty, omnipotent, operating, potent, puissant, strong, with full effect, with full force

The in full force phrase has a very strong and powerful meaning.  However, in this writings context I’m not so much referring to a force that is perceived and achieved by external means, as in a group of people showing up in support or protest of something, e.g. “His colleagues showed up in full force to his funeral.”

What I’m referring to in this section is becoming aware of the potential power within, striving to reach our greatest internal capacity, and thus operate wholly, powerfully, and most effectively and efficiently.   Learning to do this will in turn radiate itself outwards and towards our world all around us.  After-all, the external collective world is but a reflection of our internal world combined.

As in the thought provoking, inspiring, and empowering quote of the Dalai Lama, true leaders will always seek to empower people and help create more leaders.  True leaders are not afraid of others critically thinking for themselves, or having a different opinion.  They realize progress can only be obtained with new information and open, cooperative, respectful communication.

They will support honesty, embrace vulnerability, and encourage people to reach for new heights, stretch their abilities and inventively create.  They of course, will lead by example.

They will want a place where the individuals that make up the whole are in full force brandishing their own special skills, wisdom, and strengths. They realize everyone is equal, yet we all have our own unique greatness based from our own life story and experiences to offer the planet.

I also believe great leaders will have an underlying trust in the process of life and natural order of things.  They will have faith not only in people, but in this thing called life, and see only the best in them and it.  They won’t push or pull, but allow things to flow to them in its perfect timing, just as in nature.  And when they’re supposed to act, they feel the drive and enthusiasm to do so from deep within.  Their actions are always grounded foremost in love, and full cooperation, and work towards the greater good of all life.  They are confident, not threatened easily, or fearful of losing control of a situation because they understand the bigger picture.

They understand that the greatest of strength can only be achieved with strong mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.  That true respect is always earned and never forced, forged, manipulated, or bought.  That pure confidence is obtained through truth.   And that great power can only come by way of the unity of people maximizing and flexing their individual strengths while coming together in solidarity that serves all life, the planet, and generations to come.

Thankfully, many people are asking questions and digging deep into what they’ve been taught is truth and are not just simply accepting things as being “just the way life is” anymore.  What I now understand the truth of life to be about, we haven’t even scratched the surface of our potential, but in fact just waking up to it.

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This Is Who I Am

Our subconscious thoughts are the whispered lyrics that secretly write our life’s song.  Our bodies are the instruments to which we carry these songs out to the world.

Most often we sing songs that we didn’t even write the lyrics to, and yet we sing them with such conviction.

We sign our names to these unoriginal songs as if they’re an accurate depiction of who we are from what we know.

So often we are unaware these songs aren’t even ours, yet echo them out to the world as if to say, “this is who I am”.

We turn our back on our firsthand experience, and trade them in for others’ hearsay.  “They simply know better”, so we’re told, and learn not to trust in ourselves. 

Tell me, what is the point of your life if it is but a stamped duplicate of everyone else’s?

How can someone, anyone, tune into your unique, signature life’s song more-so than you?  Others’ have not lived your life from the inside out and they do not know the lyrics. 

This life is your opportunity to bring your song out into the world, and from your own unique perspective. 

There can be no wrong with this song, so never be afraid to make your voice heard and say, “this is who I am”.

-Renée Chae

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What is Truth

I feel it’s important to establish what I’m saying when referring to the word truth. The definition of truth being that which is accurate and fact.

There are several kinds of truths:

  1. Our Ultimate/Absolute Universal Truths– These are the Natural Laws behind how the Universe operates.  These Natural Laws (Ultimate/Absolute Truths) do not change.
  2. One’s Current INDIVIDUAL Reality Truth – One’s own current reality and thus current truth. These are the present truths one is experiencing based on their existing perceptions of what they understand life to be about.  Even when these truths are based on false information, they are still one’s current reality and thus one’s truth.
  3. Our Current COLLECTIVE Reality Truth- The same as #2 but it’s the reality created by the lot of us. It’s the current state (reality) and thus truth of our societies and planet.
  4. Our Unique, Absolute, Ultimate Individual’s SOUL Truth– This Truth lies within each one of us and only we have access to it via our Heart.  It is based on the guiding force of Love.  It leads to our Ultimate Individual Soul’s purpose and to our Highest and Grandest Expression of Self.
  5. The Absolute and Ultimate Truth of Our Earth’s Potential Created Out of the Collective- The limitless potential of what can be achieved on Earth by way of It’s Inhabitants’ collective energy.



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My Cousin Vinny

I heard a fantastic analogy that I will never forget on how one can help achieve in either revealing truth or dispelling lies in the movie, My Cousin Vinny, starring Joe Pesci, Marisa Tomei, and Ralph Macchio.   It’s been a good 10 years since I last seen this movie and I’m paraphrasing, but I think you will get the point.

Cousin Vinny (Joe Pesci) is a loudmouthed (but lovable), amateur lawyer from NYC who has never even been to trial. He takes on a case representing his younger, teenage cousin, Bill, who is being falsely accused of murder.  Attorney cousin Vinny clearly lacks not only experience but courtroom etiquette and is constantly getting in trouble with the judge.

Bill, (Ralph Macchio) witnesses these sorry ass displays in the courtroom during a hearing and understandably panics.  He has great reservations about trusting his seemingly joke of an attorney cousin, Vinny, and tells him he thinks he should find another lawyer to represent him.

In the following analogy attorney Vinny explains quite brilliantly to Bill why he sincerely believes he can do right by him and get the murder charge dismissed.

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My Cousin Vinny- The Foundation of Truth Pyramid Analogy

Attorney cousin Vinny explains that a true story is much like a pyramid built with bricks, with the now, present moment being the very top brick and the deep past being the bottom ones.  Each brick represents an event, fact, or instance that has transpired in a true-life story.  And true events are always stacked one on top of the other having happened consecutively, and aside each other having happened simultaneously.  These truths form a very sturdy structure and has a solid, strong foundation.

A truth pyramid (true story) can hold up under intense scrutiny and pressure because the story is grounded in factual events that actually took place.  Therefore, these events have the potential of not just being proved, but greatly reduce the potential of being disproved as well.

Whereas a story that is built on lies does not have a strong, solid, and sound foundation.  In fact, the bricks may appear on the surface to be strong, but with enough probing and digging the story will inevitably lack the depth Truth has and inconsistencies and gaps can be found throughout.   All Vinny would need to do, he explains, is expose one of those inconsistencies and the whole pyramid of lies (false story) comes crashing down.

The moral of the story is, dig deep.  The truth will get wider and vaster the further one searches and digs, while myths, lies and falsities will get narrower and narrower and eventually come to an end.  Myths and lies hate the question, “but why”.  And this “end” in a false story is often referred to as, “blind faith” or “mysterious ways”.

With Truth, every situation, event, and circumstance will connect one with the other, just like the bricks in a pyramid.  The truth will be a continuous, flowing story where everything adds up and makes total sense.

After-all, why shouldn’t life make sense?

If God truly is a God of Truth shouldn’t digging deep not only be possible but encouraged?

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Heart, Cranial Brain, and Body We are Tri-part Beings

We are tri-part beings.  I prefer to refer to these different parts as our Heart/Soul, Cranial Brain/Head, and Body.

Having a great understanding of their specific roles is crucial because we can then use them in the ways they’re intended.  This will cause us to function at our highest, most proficient level with more certainty and confidence.  It also causes us to live in harmony with ourselves, because the heart, head, and body are all interconnected and dependent upon one another.

One most likely would not consider flying a plane without knowing what a planes instruments are for and how to read them, and yet we do this all the time while occupying these bodies.  We ride them out without knowing how to properly operate them.  No one is to blame that we don’t know this information.  Our society and many places on Earth got off track long ago and we are all simply doing the best we can with what we know.

Life does not have to be a guessing game of chance.  In fact, we have been equipped with everything we need in this life to successfully navigate it and thrive.

By correctly utilizing the individual purposes of these forces, and realizing how the three work together to create our realities, makes navigating life so much easier and more enjoyable.

Knowing the differences is a key to mastering life on a level we probably never dreamt possible versus winging it.

(I will be interchanging the words heart, soul, and spirit depending on its precise context to which I’m referring to throughout this book.)

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The “Logical” Mind

I was taught for the most part to tune into my cranial brain for direction in life; or what has been conventionally known and referred to as the “mind”.  Thanks to new science, a broader understanding of all that a mind entails is coming to light and is why I can no longer refer to the mind and cranial brain synonymously.  In many Eastern cultures this is already widely assumed and known.

Mind defined: The element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought.

Brain defined: Portion of the vertebrate central nervous system that is enclosed within the cranium, continuous with the spinal cord, and composed of gray matter and white matter.

In a nutshell, and from what I understand to date, the mind is the accumulation of both the unseen intelligence as well as matter intelligence; whereas the brain is just the latter.

“The study of the brain is pure science. Conclusions about the mind are story-telling. Science of the mind is one set of stories among many. Based upon data and theory rather than character and plot, but still story. “  ~Robert Burton, MD and Neuroscientist, author of a Skeptic’s Guide to the Mind.

Tuning into one’s cranial brain for direction in life is pretty much all I’ve witnessed others do as well whether it be in my person life at home, school, or church, or with family, friends, acquaintances’, etc… Or outside my personal life, seen or heard on television, tape/cd, radio, etc…

Since I can remember, I’ve always taken my life pretty seriously and have tried my best at it.  I became a good analyzer, planner, and lover of to-do lists in order to get things done.  Actually, I’m still a big fan of all the above, I just go about it from a different angle now.

I used to strongly believe that I really needed to think about a situation in my head to know if a thing was “right” for me.  I conceived my feelings could not be trusted; that they were flighty and erratic and gave them little weight, respect, and validity.  I believed that my heart could easily mislead me and cause me much pain that could have been avoided had I tuned into my “logical” and so-called smart “mind” instead.

I rarely if ever made a conscious effort to tune into my heart for direction.  This is not to say I did not have feelings, I just did not trust them very much.  For the most part I have always been a very sensitive person who easily and strongly connects to others pain.  However, I saw my heart as weak and my cranial brain/head as strong and therefore looked most often to it for direction to tell me which way to go in life.

I trusted my cranial brain was smarter than my heart, and when I did follow my heart I noticed sometimes I would get hurt.  I would then be upset with myself for making such a so-called foolish mistake for choosing my “dumb” heart over my “rational mind”.  Not that I never ended up hurt when I listened to my head, I just never blamed my head for my pain.  It was always in some way my hearts fault.

I realize now following my heart was never the problem, but the false programming that leads to skewed thinking and distorted perceptions which then produces the ill-feelings.

It is how we understand and interpret life’s circumstances, situations, and events around us that most often in turn causes us either harmony (peace), or discord (pain).

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The Unreliable, Limited Mind

The faculty I know many of us are taught to primarily trust in to make our life’s decisions are our cranial brain, but they are not equipped nor designed to handle this task nor make these kinds of decisions.

The cranial brain is a collection of all our past experiences up to the present.  It can do a wonderful job storing, organizing, and analyzing information but only from what it already has in its environment. The cranial brain can create new things and make new predictions, but can only base them off what it already knows and recognizes in its background and settings.

The cranial brain is not capable of inspiration or pure creation.  It cannot create raw data, think up fresh authentic ideas, and discover brand new inventions.  Nor can it encourage and enthusiastically support things it’s not familiar with.  And very importantly, it cannot FEEL.

The cranial brain can think thoughts that can produce emotion, but the feelings themselves are always felt and experienced in one’s heart.  The brain can cause one to type up a grammatically perfect piece of literature, but it’s the heart in it that causes it to emotionally connect to people by stirring similar emotions within them, and through their hearts/souls.

All these are reasons why the cranial brains should not be the faculty one seeks out for advice on their future, nor for direction on living their highest purpose and greatest life.  Unless one wants to relive their past repeatedly with the same-type situations just maybe different people.  But let’s get real, fish don’t even like living in a fishbowl.

Very often living out of the cranial brain and circling around in life is someone’s thing only because it’s all they know.  Many of us are strongly taught that living from the cranial brain’s eye is a safer, smarter, and more secure way to be and live.   It is conventionally understood that by filtering everything through the cranial brain we have better control of life and where its headed.  When the fact is, all we ever arrive back to is square one just to repeat the process all over again.

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The Cranial Brains “Truth” Fails at Lie Detecting

Another huge reason why people should not tune into their cranial brain for direction in life is because it does not even care if the information it stores as fact is indeed fact.  Our heads are simply not capable of decoding truth.

If enough information adds up, and the data makes sense to us, our cranial brains can easily accept something as truth and store it as fact even when the story is complete fiction.

Let’s take the movie Irobot for instance.  There’s a scene in it where detective Del Spooner played by Will Smith witnesses a robot running very fast down the streets of Chicago with a woman’s purse in hand.  Because of Spooner’s strong mistrust in robots brought on from a tragic past experience involving a robot he automatically assumes the robot stole the purse.  This information was stored in Spooner’s head as fact until more information was made known to him that the robot ran home to get his owner’s purse because she desperately needed her asthma medicine in it to breathe.

We do this all the time, make assumptions and judgments that are based on limited information regarding situations, people, and events and then compute it as truth and fact in our cranial brains.

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Assumptions & Negative Judgments

Lives here on Earth are being lived consecutively dating back to the beginning of time with today’s events being a direct effect of yesterday’s events.  This is how it’s been since the beginning of time with one event leading to another which leads to the next and so on and so forth.   There are billions of factors that have played into and led up to all current situations, circumstances, and events.

For anyone to make a completely accurate and fair judgment on a current event, one would have to fully comprehend every detail that is in one way or the other influencing, contributing to, or otherwise affecting the current event.  Every detail being important because of the butterfly effect.

This would include knowing and understanding every detail of every happening that led up the current event, which includes all past events that have played a part in the outcome of said event.

And since people are behind every event that transpires, we’d also have to know and understand all the details behind every person behind every event including all the people in all the events leading up to the event and all the people currently surrounding it and thus effecting it.

There is just simply NO WAY of knowing ALL that goes into any situation, circumstance or event to be able to give an objective, completely accurate, and fair judgement.

And there’s very good reason why we’re not equipped to handle the task of judging others with absolute precision, we’re not supposed to!   It’s not anywhere in the “job description” of why we are here and what we are to be doing while here.  Not having the ability by way of our mental and physical capabilities are a great indicator of this.

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Filling in the Gaps

Interpreting and understanding life through the mind’s eye and not having all the facts and truths that make up any event or situation will no doubt leave a lot of gaps.  We simply cannot, nor do not, know every detail, facet, and fact.  Being a “logical” human being and understandably wanting and needing our lives and surroundings to make sense, we will try our best to fill in the gaps of missing information, but we do this with our limited minds knowledge.

And we do this ALL THE TIME.

We take this knowledge that is based off our experiences that were born out of our realities that were created from misconceptions and false information and place it right there in the gap and say, “now that makes sense to me” and compute it as truth.

Again, if it makes enough sense to our minds we can easily store things as fact and these “facts” become our reality, and thus our truth.

But these truths are no more accurate, as in based on accurate facts than the stories of the Wizard of Oz or Batman.

The bottom line is:  Our minds simply cannot wrap itself around all that is.  Trying to understand and figure out life through the mind’s eye will inevitably leave a person feeling frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed.

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Our Mind’s Eye Illusions

So, if our realities are created through the cranial brain’s eye, and the cranial brain’s eye creations are based off misconceptions, then the realities we are currently living are not real, as in not truth?


The realities that we are now living in all over the US were not created out of Truth so are therefore not real, but illusions.

Illusion defined-  Something that looks or seems different from what it is.  Something that is false or not real but that seems to be true or real.  An incorrect idea.  An idea that is based on something that is not true.  Something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.  The state or condition of being deceived.  Misapprehension. 

I believe both and Merriam-Webster are pretty spot on with these definitions here.

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Life- What is Real?

Although these realities that are created all around us are in fact illusions, that is not to say we aren’t real.  We are life and life is as real as real gets.

But was is life?

Life is energy.

And what is real?

Muktananda, a highly respected saint in India was asked this question, and he replied, “What is real is that which never changes.”

I agree with that.  What is real never changes, and life never changes.  Life is energy and energy is life and energy never dies.  Life will always continue on because its energy.  Life may show up with different skin, or in some other form, but the energy force that drives life, never changes and is always alive.

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“Death”- A Most Devastating Lie and Destructive Illusion

When I say, we are living an illusion, that is not to say that the pain and struggle we feel and experience in life isn’t real.  The pain and struggle we feel is extremely real, because we are real, and all one needs to do is to understand a situation to be real for it to be real for us.

I know there have been many times in my past before I had come to know what I know now where I have wanted to check out of life because my reality, albeit created out of misconceptions, was so incredibly painful.

I want to be very clear on what I’m saying here.  I know people who have lost loved ones to “death”, like me, who mean the world to them, and that pain can be life shattering.  It is indeed very real.

What is not real however, are the lies and falsities that have created the way we believe and perceive the world around us to be.  And many of these lies and falsities are causing tremendous, unnecessary suffering.

An example of one of these falsities is the belief that observes death is the end of a life.  That belief is an illusion that has been created out of the cranial brain’s eye and is not Truth.

Death defined- The end of life, the time when someone or something dies. 

Die defined- To cease to live; undergo the complete and permanent cessation of all vital functions; become dead, to stop living

Dead defined- No longer living; deprived of life; no longer alive or living; no longer having life.

Definition by Meriam-Webster and

The Truth, and actual real reality is, there is no such thing as death, because nothing that is alive ever dies.  It has been scientifically shown that all of life is energy and energy never dies.  Energy changes form but never ceases to live.

All that happens when our heart stops in this body is that we detach from it, like an animal molts its skin, feathers, shell, to move on, so do we.  We continue on living, evolving and experiencing anything and everything we want to experience, do and be.

When we let go of these bodies, our souls are relieved because they’re completely free and uninhibited, once again.  So-called death, is a great thing for a soul.  These bodies vibrate at a much slower rate than our core selves, and we cannot move around like we normally do while in them.  These bodies feel very dense, bulky and heavy to our souls.

Many people who have had near death experiences recall these things firsthand when they were so-called dead, and out of the body.  Anita Moorjani was the latest person I heard share her amazing story and who details her near death account and what she was shown throughout it in her book titled, “Dying to be Me”.

These definitions of the word “death” that are known to us in our current society that supposedly explain what happens when a body stops working and the soul has left, are false and misleading.  It does not accurately depict the true nature of life and the meaning behind it whatsoever.   There is never any moment where a soul, that is who we truly are, is not alive, and thus dead.   Therefore “death” is a lie.  If anything, we become more “dead” when we are in a body in this society because we’re taught to shut off who we truly are and the part that is truly alive.



These wrong explanations cause magnitudes of unnecessary suffering, confusion, pain, anxiety, stress, anguish, heartache, sickness, for millions of people daily whose loved ones have simply changed form.

I can’t think of a definition of a word that has caused more suffering and destruction than “death”, well, aside from the definition of “God”.

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All That Is (ATI)

All That Is is what I most often refer to as God/Source/Great Spirit/Divine Mind/The Creator, etc.. because All That Is includes everyone and everything everywhere and thus leaves no one or no thing (nothing) out.  And I just love that.  It feels right to me.

Feel free to call whomever to you, whatever you want.  That is a personal decision and is no one else’s business.   The name or word is never the important thing, it’s always the definition that matters.

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These Illusions Are Not an Accident Nor Our Lives a Mistake

There are very good reasons for all realities whether created out of illusions (cranial brain) or Truths (the heart/soul).  Our lives are masterly planned to work just the way they are.

All That Is has not failed nor forgotten us, nor are we failing or in trouble, (well, our souls aren’t anyway).  Our lives are not an accident, nor a mistake, but in fact working exactly how they’re designed to work.

Our lives and realities, again, whether created out of illusions or Truths must seem real or the very reason why we are here on Earth to begin with would fail.

There is perfect sense behind all this seeming chaos and madness.

We as essentially magnificent beings, so if while in these bodies things don’t seem to add up to us, we can become confused, anxious, frustrated, etc.

Knowing we have a grip on life by understanding it makes all the difference in the world.  Being essentially very wise beings, it’s a great need and desire of ours to understand life, so, in my opinion, being able to truly understand it, is life’s greatest accomplishment.

We are living in this world for head-blowing, magnificent reasons.  These reasons will probably make perfect sense to you once you hear them.  For Truth, will always ring True to one’s heart and soul.

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The Heart is Boss

We are primarily taught in our society that our cranial brain oversees our body, but that has been proven not to be the case at all.   After years of studies, testing, and data collected through institutes like Heartmath, and by way of new equipment like the magnetoencephalograph (MEG), which picks up energy and informational data being transmitted, it is repeatedly shown our hearts are indeed the boss of us.

These studies are confirming what spirituality has known for millenniums.  While every other part of the body has its specific job to do, the heart is central and governing it all.

These studies are also showing that when people bypass their heart by paying no attention to their feelings, they become dumb and incapacitated.  People are unable to rationalize wisely, or see the big picture.

The programming we’re continuously surrounded with teaches us our cranial brain is king and our heart is just a muscle.   It’s since been discovered that our heart is in fact a very intelligent brain, organ, and muscle as well as other things that are currently being discovered.  They are just now scratching the surface as to what our bodies behold and capable of.

Some of Heartmath’s findings are: 

  • Our heart emits 60 x’s more electrical fields than the cranial brain.
  • The Heart is continually producing and releasing heat, light, sound, pressure waves, electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic signals into the cells of the body at different rates throughout our circulatory system.
  • The heart sends 90-95% of information to the body and cranial brain, and not the cranial brain to body as previously thought.
  • Our heart is the first organ/brain/muscle to respond to any new data. Information is first received by the heart, then its sent to the cranial brain, and then to the body at which time it becomes conscious. (The heart has actually been shown to receive information BEFORE something happens. That it’s intuitive. Think about the potential there!)

When we tune out the heart we have no truth filter and are easily susceptible to programming.  We can therefore compute any information whose ideas and data add up enough for it to make sense to us, and turn it into our truth. This is why so many people can do the inhumane things they do and justify it.   It’s because they’re not thinking with their true heart intelligence, but with their unfeeling, disconnected, smaller cranial brain.

If you want more information on these kinds of scientific discoveries, I recommend checking out documentaries like “The Living Matrix”, “The Power of The Heart”, “I Am” directed by Tom Shadyac, and the book “The Field” written by Lynne McTaggart to name a few.  For an overview of research conducted by the HeartMath Institute, click here:

discovered that our heart is in fact a very intelligent brain, organ, and muscle as well as other things that are currently being discovered.  They are just now scratching the surface as to what our bodies behold and capable of.

Some of Heartmath’s findings are: 

  • Our heart emits 60 x’s more electrical fields than the cranial brain.
  • The Heart is continually producing and releasing heat, light, sound, pressure waves, electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic signals into the cells of the body at different rates throughout our circulatory system.
  • The heart sends 90-95% of information to the body and cranial brain, and not the mind to body as previously thought.
  • Our heart is the first organ/brain/muscle to respond to any new data. Information is first received by the heart, then its sent to the cranial brain, and then to the body at which time it becomes conscious. (The heart has actually been shown to receive information BEFORE something happens. That it’s intuitive. Think about the potential there!)

When we tune out the heart we have no truth filter and are easily susceptible to programming.  We can therefore compute any information whose ideas and data add up enough for it to make sense to us, and turn it into our truth. This is why so many people can do the inhumane things they do and justify it.   It’s because they’re not thinking with their true heart intelligence, but with their unfeeling, disconnected, smaller cranial brain.

If you want more information on these kinds of scientific discoveries, I recommend checking out documentaries like “The Living Matrix”, “The Power of The Heart”, “I Am” directed by Tom Shadyac, and the book “The Field” written by Lynne McTaggart to name a few.  For an overview of research conducted by the HeartMath Institute, click here:

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Our Hearts are Our Lifeline

The heart is what houses our feelings and our feelings are how we tune in and connect to our soul and communicate with All That Is.  Our hearts know the truth of our soul’s desire, purpose, and mission of life here on Earth.  Our heart is what animates us, brings us passion, peace, inspiration, joy and love in our lives.  While our cranial brains are not capable of feeling.  They can think thoughts that create emotions, but they themselves do not feel.  This is one big reason why we cannot trust the cranial brains to make decisions.

Although our cranial brains have been wiped blank upon occupying these bodies and filled in with our societies programming, our hearts know the truth and understands on our deep soul level the complete picture of life.  Our hearts have been with us through all eternity, knows everything about us, and remembers still while our cranial brains have no clue.

The truth can only be found through one’s heart.  The more we listen to our heart the more in tune we become.  The heart knows the truth of everything and will always lead us in the direction that best satisfies the individual needs of our soul for the specific reasons of our journey.  By tuning into our heart we’re tuning into our life’s compass that leads the way.

If you want to know what’s true for you all you must do is tune into your heart and focus in on how you feel about things.  Our feelings are our souls communicating to us our deepest truths.  I go into detail on how to become connected in the sections ahead.

The universe is one giant network of life and we are all interconnected, constantly communicating with and affecting each other whether we acknowledge it or not, and we are all connected via our hearts.

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The Illusion of Separation

EVERYTHING that happens in life affects the whole in one way or another.  Every word that is spoken, every action that is made is at the very least an energy vibration that goes out into the world and never dies. Even a thought is energy that never dies.

If enough of the same energy coagulates and congeals, that energy will become matter.  This is a proven science and is very often referred to as The Law of Attraction.  I go over this in greater detail in the section, “Creating Our Lives”.

Every thought one thinks, every word one speaks, and every action one does affects not just us, but in some way or another always influences the lives of others and the world around us.  We are continuously working together creating our realities whether we are conscious of it or not. We are several parts that make up the whole and we are all interconnected and unified whether we realize it or not.

That is why it is critical that we recognize our unity and do nothing but support and lift each other up.  These views and beliefs that pit us against one another and the environment are at the very crux destroying us as a human race, all while taking Earth out in the process!

Assumptions and negative judgments separate us from others.  They put up walls between us and thus divides us and division ALWAYS lessens and weakens the whole.  There is absolute no good that is ever accomplished by viewing ourselves as being separate from others in this manner, not to mention it is simply not true.

No matter what kind of teaching or programming, whether it’s about people of a different race, ethnicity or nationality, religious/spiritual belief, age, class, disability, gender, sexual orientation, etc…  Any opinion, view, or belief that negatively judges another is contributing to the very demise of our civilizations and Earth.

The bottom line is, every one of us is doing the best we can with what we have to work with and what we know, and we do not know what it’s like to be anyone other than ourselves. There are millions (if not billions) of factors and dynamics that contribute to a human being’s behavior, and throwing around negative judgements and condemnations as if someone knows what it’s like to be them is not only extremely ignorant, but will only make the situation worse.

Negatively judging even someone that’s acting harmful will only contribute to their harmful behavior because negativity attracts negativity.  The only way to break down negative behavior is with positive behavior.  So, if one truly wants to help change a negative situation, they need to only address it with positive behavior.

Not to mention, the truth is, when we judge another we are hurting ourselves much more than the one we are judging.  What we give to others we must first create within ourselves to give it away.  So, when we negatively judge others we are constantly creating judgment within our own world (reality), so every time we do something we will be our own worst critic by constantly judging ourselves, all while attracting more negative judgment.

When people negatively judge others, they bring themselves down to that judgement.  It is a vicious cycle. As opposed to what could be a positive, abundant cycle if a person learns to love others and lift them up.

People who negatively judge others are constantly adding to the negativity in the world.  This behavior spreads like poison and is the fuel that feeds this worlds hellfire.  Unfortunately, this way of life has become our normal reality and goes back to our ill-programming about who we think we are, who and what we think God is about, and our understanding of the meaning of life.

How we treat others is the world we create for ourselves.  If you want to live in a loving world, do nothing but love yourself and all others and your world (reality) will be beautiful and you will be surrounded by love.

Division through separateness always weakens us and causes dis-function, dis-ease, and disunity.  It does this because it’s not who we truly are and is why it brings us so much discord and dissonance.  Whereas being who we truly are empowers and strengthens us. 

To stop the insanity within ourselves and in the world, all we must do is:

  • Stop thinking we have the ability in our cranial brains to figure it all out. We will NEVER figure life out in the head.  The belief that we will, that we CAN, is a chief contributor to keeping the illusions alive, and thus the pain caused by the illusions.
  • Tune into our heart for truth and communication with All That Is.
  • Realize we are separate from nothing and no one.
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How to Detect and Live Our Truth

It is natural for us to know how to intuitively and instinctively detect our truth, and yet most of us have stopped using this inherent skill, but not without major disadvantages and consequences.

Every life form has instincts.  From the tiniest mycoplasma organism on up to the honey fungus.  Everything in nature has a silent voice within that guides them on what to do next and in its most perfect timing.  Humans have this ability just the same, but we’ve been taught from the earliest days not to trust in our own inner voice.  This is the very reason why so many people are lost in life.  We were never taught to trust our inner compass.

If a person does not learn how to detect truth, everyday life choices, questions and considerations become a game of guessing by relying on our easily manipulated and uninspired cranial brains.  It will be inevitable that we travel on paths not truly meant for us, and therefore not experience an extraordinary life like we all have the potential to.

Without knowing how to detect and live our own truth we don’t know for certain what is best for us to do in all situations that arise that require us to make a choice.

For instance:  Should I go on a date with that person or wait for so & so to come around?  Should I leave my wife/husband?   Take that job?   Get a roommate?  Choose my favorite hobby as a career or go to college?   Be honest with that person about my feelings?  Start my own business?   Buy that car?  Quit that job?  Etc…

Everything from the major life decisions down to the small seemingly insignificant ones, we have choices to make and lots of them. How do we know what’s the right choice for us?

We know this by tuning into our own truth via our heart.

If you are not excited about life to the point you can’t wait for morning to come and start your day it very well may be because you’re not tuned into your passionate heart truth, but instead your unemotional, programmed cranial brains.  Your head has no clue what your life’s highest potential, greatest purpose, and grandest passions are!   Also, your cranial brain can only see what’s behind you and not capable of envisioning what’s in front of you.

If you are younger and don’t have the freedom to control your life to that extent right now, know that someday you will and until then you are always free to dream and build your truth detecting, heart muscles until then.

When we learn how to detect truth we learn how to read our body for signs that something we are considering is right for us, or not. It is probably the most important skill for us to possess in life.  It is also something completely natural and yet most of us have no clue how to do it because it’s simply not something we’ve been encouraged to do. It takes a practice, but in time it will become second nature.


We learn how to detect truth via tuning into our personal compass-

Our Heart.

And we do this by focusing in on how we feel.

There is only one way to know what’s true for us, and that is:

The truth will resonate within your heart.  You will know this truth because:

  • It will come through as the highest thought you can think about yourself, someone else, or something.
  • It will be your clearest and truest word spoken.
  • And it will always give way to your grandest feeling.

The ways of God will always be of love and truth or a derivative thereof and will be all inclusive to everything and everyone.

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When we hear, or experience our truth there will be an equal vibration of energy between what is being said or done to us and what we are feeling inside while hearing/experiencing it. It will resonate within us and feel peaceful to us.  We feel this in what we also call our gut. It feels right and as though our heart is saying “yes” or sometimes “YESSSS!!!”.

Or if it is not our truth “no”, or “NOOOO”!!!

If it’s our truth often we will know it because we will feel enthusiastic about doing it.  If it is not our truth, we will dread or otherwise dislike doing it.

Most of the time it’s a very subtle response at first and takes a little time and training to know how to tune into it.  Once we know what to look for we learn what’s true and right for us in regards to all our life’s happenings.

Once we learn how to tune into our truth, it will be much harder for us to be deceived or manipulated.  We learn with an undeniable knowing the difference between an outside belief, e.g. religious or spiritual teaching that’s aimed at convincing the cranial brain vs an inner divine soul knowing by way of real life experience.

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We Don’t Need No Middleman

All That Is does not need a middleman to communicate with us.  Beliefs that teach us we are not worthy, knowledgeable enough, “Godly” enough or for any reason that says direct and continuous contact and communication is not possible with ATI on our own, is as wrong as wrong can be.  I’ve even heard on many occasions programming that proclaims direct communication through one’s heart is not from God, but from the devil!!


Oy, Oy, Oy.


And this in a nutshell, is why our world is upside down.


We are taught to continuously listen to our cranial brains where all the programming is all while not trusting in our own hearts where our feelings are and how it is we connect to and communicate with All That Is.

It’s no wonder why so many people are operating at a level not seemingly much higher than an automated, soulless robot.  Or come across like an empty, lifeless, heartless shell of a person.

Once you have and continuously have the experience of truth through the heart connection, the knowing will be undeniable and irrefutable.  It will fill you up and make you feel warm and alive and you will not be easily swayed, confused, guilted into, or shamed by what someone else is claiming to know about God.

You will KNOW and recognize truth deep within you.  You will become connected with All That Is.  You will know which direction to go by following your inner compass which tells you what is best for you and what is not.  And you will know this truth because it will resonate perfect peace within you.

It will make all the difference by increasing your quality of life and understanding of it 1000x’s over, daily.   This is something all the money in the world can never buy and is truly living the good life at its finest.

Being heart connected is as close to what we can experience Heaven on Earth to be while in these bodies.  We are literally connected to All That Is where there is no fear, but only LOVE+ and therefore lacks nothing.

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Plugged in

The universe is continually communicating with us but if we’re not tuned into the station, so-t0-speak, we’re not going to be able to hear what it’s saying.  This is the realm of free will, so it is up to us to decide how we choose to perceive our world and what actions we take.

When a person learns how to tune in, they find they become plugged into the universe and supported by it.

This communication comes in many forms that I go over in the section, “True Rich Communication” in detail.

Once you’re connected, you’re going to find out your passion and the Universe’s needs and desires are in perfect accord with one another.  When we follow through on our heart passions we find we are supported by the universe every step of the way, and things just fall into place seamlessly.   There is no struggling to make things happen.

For example, we’ll feel motivated to do certain things at its precise timing that are in alignment with our true path, and apathetic to things not in our soul’s plan.  People will come into our lives, or exit at the perfect moment and doors will open and close helping to steer in the journey.

This is not to say things in life will then be perfect, as in always “good” or so-called right.

We are not here to be perfect.

However, things are always perfect, as in working out perfectly for us to fulfil what our souls came here to do and experience.

Through this communication via the heart, we are constantly reassured that we are not alone and that everything is working out indeed perfectly.

Living life heart connected is wise, and brings much joy and peace.  There’s nothing more satisfying in life than knowing we are living out our highest, most soul-fulfilling desires all while being backed by the Universe.

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Bursts of Inspiration & Those Awesome Ideas

“Imagination is more important than knowledge, knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world.”


Have you ever had an amazingly awesome idea pop into your head and you think, “WOW Me, that’s a really great idea!!” And you get very excited about it?!  Then you do the “logical” thing and run it through your cranial brain for confirmation and approval, and then shortly after you find yourself not so enthusiastic about your idea anymore?

Or, you run your brilliant idea by someone else looking for their validation or opinion, only to have them burst your bubble because they’re not quite feeling it like you?

That’s because it’s your inspiration coming from your soul!  Cranial brains are not going to understand what all the excitement is about, especially somebody else’s cranial brain!  Cranial brains do not feel passion nor inspiration but can only give advice based on previous information it has stored in its limited environment.

Inspiration is not conceived nor built upon in the cranial brain and is why we need to keep our heads, and other people’s heads, as much away from the creative process as possible.  The cranial brain will stomp all over genius and brilliant all day long calling it ridiculous and impossible.

The cranial brain does however help to carry out the heart’s desire, but inspiration is always first originated and continuously created upon in one’s heart/soul/spirit.

Inspiration= In Spirit

When we receive these inspirations, that is the Universe communicating with us through our soul not only something we are passionate for, but at the same time communicating a need of the universe.  And as stated in the section “Plugged In”, when we follow our passion, we find we are not in it alone but life then does indeed become a co-creation.

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We Are Our Hearts

Knowing how to detect truth by honing our life’s compass via our heart gives us the ability to tune into the exact frequency of who we essentially are and what our unique life’s purpose is.

For many it’s been our programming to dismiss our hearts over our cranial brains but given the right opportunity and/or set of circumstances we come back to what we are essentially about and what is most important to us.

In having to make a quick decision, we often choose our hearts over our cranial brains.

In 2010 my youngest daughter was ten and she developed a heart condition.  Suddenly I had to face the unbearable, the thought I might lose her to “death”.  I was a divorced/single parent, a relatively successful business owner who just moved us into a great, big and beautiful “dream home”.  My biggest addiction was working to become so-called successful with me pushing 65+ hours a week for more than I care to admit.  After my daughter was diagnosed with this heart condition after many terrifying events, one that included doctors having to shut down and restart her heart, the only thing I could think about was spending time with my children.  My priorities totally shifted and I now became obsessed with seeing her well and spending quality time with my kids over making money.

I remember I was at such a fun deficit that I had to google things to do for fun as a family because I had no idea: “How to have fun”, “fun activities to do as a family”, no exaggeration, I really did this.

Most gratefully, my daughter ended up having a procedure that could permanently fix her heart and I knew I had a second lease on this life with her.

We ended up losing that house, but that was okay.  It was exchanged for me getting my priorities straight as I became a much more loving, relaxed, and fun parent to be around and which caused us all to be much happier than ever before.

Our natural instincts can become inhibited if our “wiring” gets damaged to the point we fail to communicate with our hearts in the way we’re intended to.

My life was totally out of balance and I was helped through this experience that forced me to focus in on what truly matters in life, my heart and what makes it truly tick.  We will find when push comes to shove we come back to the heart time and time again, because why?

Because that is who we truly are.

We are essentially all about the heart.

It’s the reason why so many people would run after a child they don’t even know that is heading out into a street without a thought of concern for themselves.

Or frantically run up to a stranger’s house they see smoke coming out of to try and help anyone that might be inside.

Or like my father, seeing a puppy fall into our neighbor’s pool and struggling to stay above water, all decked out in his church garb he hopped a fence, climbed up on their deck and jumped into the pool to save the puppy.

Or like those brave and loving souls who just last month broke out of a holding cell and risked getting shot to help the jailer who suffered a heart attack while guarding them.

We being the innately beautiful and loving souls we are, don’t sit there and contemplate a pro and cons list, what might the parents think, am I’m going to embarrass myself, am I going to be late, am I going to be shot??!  In a split-second decision, and when we don’t have time to analyze a situation to death, we most often choose our hearts because that is the truest essence of who we are.


For every single one of us, regardless if we’re consciously aware of it or not, and despite what we have done and have not done while in this life and in these bodies.  Whether we’re sitting on death row or building homes for the homeless in Nicaragua-  We are all innately our HEARTS and our true essence is LOVE.  Problems arise when we’re told and believe we’re so much less than this.

We’ve been programmed from the time we are a baby to see the world in a particular way, and if the information we’ve been given is not accurate, there must be truth somewhere out there.

Any good scientist who while working on an experiment finds it not panning out, throws out every idea, concept, belief they previously had and starts completely over from scratch.

Of course, throwing out everything one has learned in life may not be necessary.  But if something is not serving you, chuck that sucker and get back to the drawing board.  The only way to find a better way is to back up and try another route.

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If You’ve Disconnected from Your Heart

If you’ve had to completely disconnect from your heart for any reason, first off, I’m sorry you had to do that.  I too have had to do that in my life simply to survive as the pain of feeling was too much to bear and the confusion of not being able to understand it just too overwhelming.  Those experiences are not in vain and without great meaning and purpose.

I don’t care how much one outwardly achieves, living disconnected from one’s heart is hell within itself, literally.  It is why people with seemingly everything can become addicted to harmful substances and behaviors, act “crazy”, or even take their own lives.

The pain we experience in life is created because of wrong perceptions and incorrect programming.  Once those are dispelled and the truth revealed the pain can very well become alleviated.

You may have had to disconnect from your heart because your life has led you to do things you are not very proud of.  You may be afraid of becoming connected to your heart because of overwhelming guilt and shame.  Know the fact you’re not proud of the things you’ve done tells you those things you did are not who you truly are. Know the guilt you feel is because you do care.  And you did those things because you had no clue of who you truly are. People become products of their environment and act out accordingly. People have the ability to do anything when disconnected from their hearts because they are unable to feel anything aside from fear, anger, envy, contempt, etc..  Which is what we feel when we become disconnected.

This is exactly how people can do the hurtful things we hear about on the news every day, because they have for one reason or another severed from their hearts. It’s a cultural epidemic and is what plagues our societies. To shut out one’s heart is to shut off one’s lifeline. It severs them from their soul, from ATI, from their conscious, from who they truly are.

The fact that you are reading this book strongly suggests that you’re seeking for the light of who you truly are.  And know when you find that light, it will make you shine that much brighter against all the darkness you have lived and experienced and will make your life that much more meaningful.

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True Satisfaction

If a person tries to shut off their heart, they are severing themselves from their soul because our heart is how we communicate with our soul, and our souls are who we are.

We are sentient, soulful beings and trying to shut off our heart is how a person creates their own living hell.  The further a person is away from love, the more hell they experience.

If a person’s soul is being neglected, they are literally starving and the pain so intense a person will try and do anything to numb it and fill the void.

People who try to disconnect from their hearts (and thus souls) for whatever reason, may be able to do so somewhat and temporarily, but our souls are the very crux of who we are, the true essence of our existence.  It is literally impossible for us to disconnect from them because it’s literally impossible for us to disconnect from ourselves.  It’s like trying to remove water from rain, or the cat from a cat.

We will never be able to escape our souls, not that we should want to, but we’re being taught to do just that in many of today’s societies.  Very often it starts when we are young children when we are told continuously things like, don’t be sad, mad, or angry, stop crying or laughing so much, or dancing like fool, etc..

Because of who we essentially are, Love+, we are driven with a great need for love and all its derivatives such as respect, appreciation, admiration, value, power, etc…  We have these needs because those feelings are who we are and what we are made of and are therefore what fuels and satisfies us.

If a person only tunes into their cranial brain, completely bypasses their heart, and does not act out of love when making life decisions they will need to go to great lengths to try and satiate the emptiness and ease up the discord.  It’s inevitable when pretending to be something they are not.

Anything we do that goes against the truth of us (love+) will always create discord and dis-ease within and among us.

When a person does not know how to achieve love, respect, appreciation etc.. within themselves because they’ve never been taught, they will try to simulate those emotions by accumulating and attracting things outside of themselves.

After-all, we are continuously taught in our society that things like money, material stuff, certain careers are how we achieve happiness, power, respect, value…   And this is how and why people become obsessed, addicted, and dependent on things outside of themselves.  They believe these things will lead to these feelings and relieve them from the discord they feel from tuning out their hearts and not living their truth.

Thinking we can obtain these feelings when ignoring the heart, is like eating plastic fruit and expecting it to nourish us.  All it does is create more hunger and contribute to our ill-feelings.

Things that satisfy our cranial brains and bodies are very different than feelings that satisfy our heart and soul.  We are tri-part beings with our heart being chief, we cannot leave out our heart being essentially loving human beings and expect to be happy and satisfied.

What is real is that which never changes and both our bodies and our cranial brains are changing all the time, what never changes are our soul, and therefore that’s what we should be focusing on and taking primary care of.

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Heart Connected

I’ve created some exercises that are going to help get you heart connected so you can know your true path and on your way to your grandest, most extraordinary life.  All the benefits and advantages that come along with this connection are nothing short of miraculous and priceless.  I would not trade the way I live now daily for all the money in the world as the peace alone is invaluable.

All you need to do to become heart connected is tune into how your heart reacts to all situations and circumstances that arise in your life.  There is always some kind of reaction within you. Many reactions may seem subtle at first but after doing these exercises and with some practice you will soon be able to tune right into your hearts reaction and detecting your truth will become second nature.

All it is is tuning into how your heart FEELS about something.

To do the following heart connected exercises, a person is going to have to become completely still with themselves.  To do this, one will have had to understand all their life experiences to have peace through a unified head, heart, and body.

I understand this kind of tranquil state is difficult for most people to achieve and it has everything to do with our experiences and realities born out of the programming.  A lot of people have trouble with getting quiet with oneself.  Uncomfortable feelings tend to surface from being disconnected from the truth of who they are for so long and having consumed so much of the illusion.

The following may be symptoms that you have trouble being still with yourself and have issues to clear:

~ You almost always prefer noise going on in the background like music or TV because it’s “too quiet”.

~ You are someone who almost always prefers to be in the company of others and does not like to be alone.

~ You are someone who almost always needs to keep busy doing something and sitting still drives you crazy.

~ You have thoughts that pop in your head and bother you.  They repeat themselves constantly and you try to make sense of it but to no avail, those thoughts keep popping up thus causing you inner turmoil.

~ You have the need to numb yourself with drugs or alcohol or otherwise distract yourself away from your inner turmoil as written about in the section “Dealing by Distraction”.

If any of the above rings true for you, the section directly following may be especially beneficial. I do believe this is roughly 93-99% of people in our society so don’t take it personally.  We are all products of our environment and doing the best we can with what we know.

The following section is how I learned to clear my issues and overcome them for good.  I also use it to address any new issues that may come up to deal with and kiss adios.

There is nothing better in life than being at total peace and resonance with oneself.  Sadly, it’s a rare thing to master but is indeed the ultimate achievement in life, and creates a rich mental environment in which to function most coherently.

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Clearing the Channel & Living in Peaceful Resonance with Oneself

Our feelings are produced in direct response to either our cranial brain talk or our heart talk.   As established previously, our cranial brain talk is not based in truths. We know it’s our cranial brain babble that creates the discord because if it were our heart talk, it would resonate perfect peace with us because love is who and what we are.

Being uncomfortable with stillness is a typical side-effect in reaction to our mainstream societies ill-programming; with shame and guilt being our two major, life-sucking symptoms.

You will find that roughly 99.99% of the time, these ill-feelings are being caused by untruths held in our cranial brain.  Upon finding truth of these crucial matters in this book, one should be able to alleviate a lot of these issues and side-effects, if not all of them.

When you address any issue that bothers you, know you are courageous for doing so.  Most people are afraid of facing their “inner demons” because of how harshly we are taught to negatively judge everything and everyone, especially ourselves.

Know inner conflict is always created out of lies.  If it were truth, it wouldn’t be conflict.  Truth always resonates peacefully with us.

The inner conflict is always created out of one of the following, with most often being a combination:

  • Not knowing who we are and therefore not seeing our true value, power, and potential.
  • Not knowing and understanding the meaning behind life.
  • Not knowing the truth of who and what ATI is about.

You will find by addressing bothersome issues and speaking your truth, your inner conflict will dissipate. “What you look at disappears and what you resist, persists.”

Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are feeling.  Give yourself total permission to feel sad, upset, frustrated, angry, resentful, jealous, bitter, vicious, hostile, whatever…  Say out loud, I am feeling really _______ and then speak your emotions.  Own your truth and let your truth be known to yourself.  There can be no wrong in this.

Do not regress, restrict, or hold back anything!  I believe repression and restriction of our heart emotions are the root cause of depression and anxiety dis-orders.   We have disorders because we are literally out of order, that is we are not being true to ourselves and living coherently between our heart, head, and body.

If you need to tell off someone that hurt you, do it and don’t hold back!

If you need to apologize to someone, do it and don’t hold back!  No matter what it is, speak your whole truth and get it out, even if it makes little sense to you at the time.  Whatever you do, keep your cranial brain out of it, and talk from the heart mind.

Be the best friend you can imagine towards yourself with very loving, gentle self-talk and no negative judgments.  Be the loving parent you always wished you had, or the parent you wish to be.  

Whatever uneasiness comes up when you become still, tune into what you’re thinking about that’s creating the feelings.  These thoughts will be very subtle and just under your subconscious, so much you probably don’t even know you are thinking them.  It’s just become, “the way life is” for you.  You will need to pay close attention and tune in to what those thoughts are saying.

I strongly suggest writing or talking out loud about the situation as opposed to just thinking about it.  When we write, or speak about things that are bothering us as opposed to just thinking, we are incorporating both sides of our brain as well as our body.

When we speak our thoughts out loud it’s as though we are calling them out to address them.  You can compare it to cleaning out a closet that you’ve never cleaned your entire life, and it is cluttered.  To clean and organize it you’ve got to pull everything out (face it), sort through everything (deal with it), get rid of things that don’t fit or suit you (keep only that serves you) and put the things you want to keep back in the closet neatly (see the situations in their new, true perspective).   

Most importantly, trust your silent voice within.  It will continuously talk to you and lead you through everything you need to address, say, and do.  Our bodies know just how to heal themselves, we just need to trust it, allow the answers to come in their perfect time and flow with whatever we feel motivated to do.

Following is how I address inner conflict when it arises in order to clear it for good.

If something keeps coming up to my surface that’s clearly bothering me I will have a full-blown conversation with myself and talk and talk and talk until I have nothing left to say.  I don’t worry about making sense or sounding “stupid”, I own my life and I’m not having any BS dictate to me how I’m going to think and what I’m going to feel.   Especially situations that happened when I was a child or a young adult and I had no idea what was really going on.

If a situation or event keeps coming to my surface and I know I need to face it, I simply start at A, the first thought that pops into my head, and continue to Z, that is until I feel I have nothing else to say about the situation.  I don’t worry about being “right” or accurate in what I’m saying.

We are innately wise and powerful beings and have the capacity to heal ourselves by empowering ourselves with information that serves and benefits us.  The information available to you gives you your understanding of life, and your understanding leads to your thoughts, and your thoughts form your beliefs, and your beliefs put forth your actions, and your actions make up your reality, and your reality becomes your truth.

This is how we learn to control our thoughts and thus life, by sifting through the information we take in as our truth and taking in only information that will fully serve and benefit us.

We must always know and be fully conscience of every single thought that goes through our head.  We can easily do this because our feelings indicate to us whether we’re telling ourselves truths or lies.  If we feel bad, we’re telling ourselves lies and we need to correct the thinking.  If we feel good, it’s truth.  Because the truth of everything is always grounded in love and love does not make us feel bad.

What was so fascinating to me was when I would do this, I almost always found myself saying things I had no idea I was thinking because the thoughts were so subconscious.  And when I called these seemingly huge monster thoughts out to confront them, I almost always found them to be rather ludicrous for me to be thinking to begin with.  What seemed like a huge monster in my subconscious, was a tiny little scared mouse that scattered and disappeared for good as soon as I shined a light on it.

Realize that you are completely safe and in control. Realize that you are worthy and deserving of this attention, and that it is needed for your healing.  Walk all around the event and study it by looking closely at everybody in the situation, and everyone and everything behind the situation.   Speak your uncensored truth to it and them and put things in its correct perspective and place.   Straighten that shit out.  Most of all, be loving and forgiving to yourself.

Realize that you are not in the same place as you were when you first experienced the event or situation.  For when we first experienced the situation or event, it got stored as fact in our cranial brain without question. Remember the cranial brain fails at lie detecting and will store lies as fact all day long because it doesn’t know any better.  It simply does not know what the soul knows.

There are always at least two ways we can look at every situation.  It can either be looked at out of fear+ or out of love+.  If you look at the situation by way of your highest thoughts imaginable, and base those thoughts in love and truth+, you will find peace and understanding.

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My Experience with Forgiveness

There have been a few times in my life I had a very hard time forgiving people and certain events.

This latest time I could not find it within myself to forgive a certain person and I wanted to so bad because I felt it eating me up inside.  Every time this person popped into my head I found myself wishing all kinds of hell would befall him while cursing him like a sailor under my breath.   I hated being this way and desperately wanted to get past this.

So I decided I would try this radical idea.. when this person popped into my head, I cut off my immediate reaction to curse him violently in my head, and replace the thoughts with, “I forgive you”.

Of course, I did not mean it initially, and it was extremely hard to do at first.  But after a little time of interjecting those poisonous thoughts with “I forgive you” and not feeding the hate, I eventually caused those thoughts and thus feelings to go away from a mere lack of attention.

With my emotions removed I was then able to rewrite the story by viewing it through my soul and therefore creating it to be a much healthier and beneficial story and life experience for me.

I can’t put into words what this did for me except that it freed me from the great turmoil I created within myself with this anger.  For when we become angry at another, we at that very moment inflicting ourselves with that anger.  This is because we can only give away something we first have within ourselves.

In time, I realized it was the false programming I found to be the cause of all my pain.  It was not what this person did so much as the way I viewed what they did.

By telling myself, I forgive you, I started the process of forgiveness which in turn brought compassion for this person because the truth is, only hurt people can hurt others.

Our cranial brains can easily be tricked and convinced of anything with enough repetition, and our bodies carryout what our cranial brains believe whether it’s true or not.   This is the power of our cranial brains at their finest.   This is how we can not only rewrite our past but create our future and our most awesome lives.

We can program ourselves positively as easily as we can program ourselves negatively.  What we think, we become.

After a while, I could even take it one step further.  I fell onto the study of Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness, and read all about its tremendous healing effects.   Instead of “I forgive you”, I started with the Ho’oponopono practice of saying:

“I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, and thank you” every time I thought of him.  It can be said in any order.

This is based on the principal of understanding that we are all one.  In being honest with myself I realized I too have passed on my hurts in my life at various stages by hurting others and causing them pain, and thus has caused them to hurt others and so on.  In saying these four little things, I am taking responsibility for my own actions that too have caused hurt stemming from my own pain and ignorance.  I previously excused these actions by telling myself I was doing the best I knew how, but the reality is, I am no one to judge anyone because the bottom line is, I too have caused pain.

We are all simply doing the best we can with what we know and have been given.  By loving and forgiving others we are loving and forgiving ourselves.  This I believe is the only way to break the vicious cycle in its tracks of passing on hurt with the hopes to end the pain and struggle not only for ourselves, but for our world.

In realizing and practicing this, forgiveness has liberated me from my judgment of others which kept me separated and weakened.  I not only forgave this person, I started to truly love and care for him as well as everyone else because I was truly accepting, loving, and caring for myself.

Hanging on to bitterness and resentment will only eat us up and destroy us, as it goes against the very grain of who we truly are.  While forgiving frees us and lovingly breathes life into us.

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Heart Connected Cont.

Now that you’ve cleared all those troublesome, annoying lies that were disguised as legitimate thoughts, cleaned house so-to-speak, find yourself a place in your quiet home preferably free of distractions.  Being totally alone is ideal.

We first must become conscious of our being and live completely in the present moment.  To live in the present moment of now is easy to do.  All you need to do is concentrate on your breathing and focus in on your current surroundings.  But don’t just focus in on the things in your surroundings, be also very aware of the space in between all the stuff. For without that space there would be no room to move about freely.

Breathe in and out in long, comfortable, relaxing inhales and exhales, around 5 seconds for each inhale and exhale is ideal.  Feel your presence in the room you are in. Feel your body sinking into whatever you’re sitting or lying on.

Whenever you’re comfortable and conscience of your body tune into your heart right there in the middle of your chest.  You can feel your heart communicating with you as high as your throat and as low as your lower abdomen.

For everything that we encounter in our life that affects us, we have a reaction about it in our heart space whether we’re aware of it or not.

Here we can tell what is truth for us and what is not.

By taking the following, Heart Barometer- Know Your Truth Test, you can learn how truth and untruth feels to you by connecting and tuning into your heart.

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Heart Barometer- Know Your Truth Test

If possible, do not have yourself numb with drugs or alcohol when doing the following test as it will blur the connection.

You’ll need to be in a quiet place free from the possibilities of any interruptions and distractions as you’ll need to be able focus in on how you feel within your heart space.

Go ahead and get yourself centered by relaxing with your breathing.  Try and make each inhale and exhale 5 seconds long.

Now as you feel yourself really relaxed, focus in on your heart.  After reading the question you may want to close your eyes while answering to help in paying attention to the reaction you have in your heart space.

Now envision this: 

A detective just called you on the phone out of the blue and states he needs to ask you several questions.  He warns you to be truthful to keep you from having to go into the police station to answer the questions.  You can tell by his tone it’s serious.

This test requires you having to answer each of the following questions the detective is asking twice:  Once with your absolute truth and then next, with a complete lie.

Picture this scenario with your imagination and concentrate on understanding the questions fully before answering them. This is a test that will reveal a lot about how you operate so get into it.

When you answer the question with first the truth and then with a lie make sure you focus in on your answer and draw it out as long as possible.  This will give you time to really focus in on how you feel in your heart space while answering.  If you can, answer the questions out loud.

When you answer include the question.  For example, the detective asks you, “How old are you”?  Answer in the format, “I am 40 years old”, not just “40”.

Before getting to the detective’s questions I’m going to summarize the steps for you.

  • Be alone in quiet space free from distractions.
  • Get your breathing centered and relax.
  • Preferably close your eyes while answering.
  • Tune into your heart space (chest area).
  • Answer each question twice in full format, once with your truth and then with a total lie and out loud if you can.
  • Focus in on how you feel in your heart as long as possible while answering each question.


What color is your hair?

What color is the shirt you are wearing?

What color are your eyes?

Do you have children?

Where are you?

Can you hear dogs barking?

Do you live in a duplex?

Are there any other people with you right now?

Are you married?

Is there a television in the room you are in?

Do you have animals?

When was the last time you left your house?

Where did you go? Where you with anyone?

You’ll want to make note of the difference between how truth and untruth feels within you while you’re speaking them.  This is how you can navigate through life knowing your truth and following it peacefully and confidently.

Did you notice when speaking that it calmly and peacefully resonated with you?  Did it easily flow through you without any resistance? Did your breathing pattern change or did it stay the same? Did you feel confident, certain, strong and powerful or insecure, unsure and weak?  Did your answers buck you at the core and feel as if it was going against the very grain of you?  What does resonance and dissonance feel like in your stomach?  Did you also feel it in your throat or chest? Was there a change in your heart beat?  Did you notice your breathing change?  If so, how?  Did your eyes have a reaction?  Did your body have a reaction and make you feel weakened or strong when answering?

Make note how answering these questions, both truthfully and untruthfully made you feel. This is how you know what speaking and living truth and untruth FEELS to you.

Be certain you know how truth and untruth resonate with you before continuing.

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Signs/Symptoms We Are Experiencing Our Truth and Untruth

Signs/Symptoms We Are Experiencing Our TRUTH

Following are classic signs/symptoms truth is resonating with you.  It could be a fusion of several of these.  The most important point to remember is that truth will just feel right and resonate peacefully with your heart because what is being said or done is in accord with us.

The truth can feel loving, peaceful, still, calm, joyful, exciting, a feeling of being home, just right, or a perfect fit.  The truth can feel playful, fun and give us a youthful, childlike energy. We can see a potential for growth, a feeling of open/vastness where it can lead to other things. We may get sparks of insight, visions, daydreams relating to what we’re considering.

Our body can also have a reaction.  We might stand up straighter and be more confident. The truth for us can strengthen, empower, and energize us.  Our body, head, and heart will feel unified.

Signs/Symptoms We Are Experiencing Our UNTRUTH

Signs of untruth not resonating with us:

Negative energy response, sense of uneasiness, anger, fear, dread, anxiety, sadness, hate, disgust, repulsion, doesn’t align with you, feels small and even claustrophobic, no room for growth, forces us to think with our cranial brain and not the heart.

Some of our body reactions are:  weakness, panic, heart palpitations, powerlessness, aches in the stomach, head or other parts of the body. A feeling of discord between the head, heart and body. The desire to tune out or disassociate from what is happening or what is being said. Shame, regret. A need to numb oneself with drugs or alcohol or any other kind of distraction or activity.

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Double Resonance and Double Dissonance

We can also get double resonance or dissonance when asking ourselves a question.  For example, I asked myself earlier should I quit writing to go watch some fireworks because I was torn.  I got resonance with both yes and no answers.  This just means both are fine, it doesn’t matter.

Double dissonance would be the opposite and is probably telling us neither option would serve very well.

It will become second nature for you to know your truth.  Often I’ll barely have the question out in my head before I know the answer.

When you learn how to tune into your heart for direction and read its response, you’re going to find you have so much more confidence in yourself and in making your life decisions.


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Time to be Still

Some days you may feel as though you have no motivation to do anything.  You may feel unclear about what steps to take next, what to do or pursue, and basically no inspiration to do anything in particular.   You may feel as if you’re just floating around aimlessly and not headed in any specific direction.  These times for me have lasted anywhere from a half a day to several days.  When they last longer than a day or two I have found I am not particularly fond of them.  I like to be so excited about what I’m doing in my life to the point I hate going to sleep at night and can’t wait for the sun to rise in the morning.

When these times come it’s usually after I’ve worked really hard at something, so I believe it’s the universe saying it’s time to rest.  Life is all about balance and we need time to balance out and get centered again.

Those quiet times are great for being still and thinking about all you’ve accomplished and done so far.  They’re great for getting extra sleep and much needed dream time.  These times are great for meditating, being grateful for those people you appreciate, and for sending love to those you want to see well.  It’s also a great time to write in your journal about your thoughts and feelings, to pray for clarity and understanding in a particular subject, and for trusting and allowing that whatever happens is happening for the best.

I have found it’s also a great time for a documentary I’ve been wanting to watch, or to read a book I purchased but haven’t had the time to read, or to catch up with that friend I haven’t talked with for a while.

Try to embrace those still times because before you know it, you’ll be on a another mission whose fire will once again consume every ounce of you.

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What Lights Your Fire?

If you are not sure of what your hearts desires are, finish the following sentences to find out. Focus on the one(s) that speak to you and be sure to let yourself dream and envision your highest version of yourself.

Keep in mind this is not about circumstances or possessions acquired outside of your heart as to please the body, as those feelings are fleeting.  But about things that make your heart sing and fill you with joy.

  1. I often daydream of_____
  2. I have always wanted to do____
  3. Time absolutely flies by when I am____
  4. The time I feel most alive is when I am____
  5. I love watching movies about____because they inspire me and get me excited about living my life.
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Getting to Know Yourself Better and Expressing Your Truth

“Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ~Einstein

If you want to get to know yourself better and practice expressing your truth, answer the following questions honestly and openly after connecting to your heart.

One’s truth most often will be the first thing that pops into your conscience.  We will naturally reach for direction from our hearts when we don’t have time to analyze the situation to death.

There’s no right or wrong in any of this.  In fact, the rawer the better; think rough draft.

Feel the emotions, don’t be afraid to dream and use your imagination.  Let loose your innermost thoughts and feelings without any judgement or condemnation.  Most importantly, keep your head out of it, the sky is the limit and there’s nothing stopping you from being you, that is except you.

Answer the following questions out loud if possible so you can get practice in communicating your truths as well.  Speaking your truth as opposed to just thinking it will also cause the feelings to resonate even stronger with you so you learn more significantly how it feels for you.

What would your dream job be and why?

Who do you love most in your life and why?

What are your favorite color eyes?

What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Who has hurt you most in your life and why?

What kinds of foods do you love most?

Is there someone you want to apologize to but haven’t? Why?

What do you wish you had said that you couldn’t say at the time?

What’s your dream place to vacation or live?

What has been one your most troublesome or painful life experiences and why?

What has been one of your best life experiences and why?

If any of these answers bother you to answer, it is something that you need to deal with and address or else it will keep surfacing in one way or another. This I go over in the section “Clearing to Live in Peaceful Resonance with Oneself”.

Feel free to ask yourself any questions you want to get to know yourself better in.  There’s no better investment of time, attention, and love than in yourself!

How do you feel when you speak your truth?  Do you feel more knowledgeable and empowered? Maybe more connected to yourself, your life experiences, and to others?  Maybe as though you really do matter?  Maybe more confident in knowing who you are?

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How Living Your Untruth Feels to You

Now try this, envision yourself doing things you strongly dislike.  It could be picturing yourself at a job you hate, or having to date/marry someone you don’t like/love in that way, or being forced to be a part of a group that believes in things you don’t agree with. It can be thinking of yourself in that job/career you’ve been told since you were ten years old it’s the best one for you despite feeling no passion for it.  How do you feel now in your heart?

Make note of what truths and untruths feel to you and every time you have a decision to make in life ask yourself how you feel about said choice and tune into your HEART for its response.

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Who We Are & Where We Come From

This information no doubt is going to rattle some people’s cages, but that’s okay because cages suck.

Before we were born in these earthly bodies we existed in a realm where there’s nothing but love and all of love’s derivatives (Love+) such as joy, truth, mercy, compassion, grace, understanding, wisdom, light, beauty, peace, forgiveness, patience, strength, power, courage, etc…

This is why we feel wonderful when we are being Love +, or why we feel discord or inner conflict when we do something to hurt ourselves or others.

When we do things that continuously go against who we truly are (Fear +) by lying, judging, fearing, hating, belittling, disrespecting, etc.. ourselves and others, we literally become weaker.  By living this way, a person is much more prone to addiction, sickness and dis-ease.  This happens because this way of living is a lie for us; there’s simply no strength in its foundation as shown in the Truth Pyramid Analogy.

In this same manner, it’s also how we have the ability and strength to restore ourselves and others with the power that being who we truly are brings. When we love and value ourselves and others we heal by bringing us back to our wholeness through oneness.

While inhabiting bodies on Earth we are still existing in the realm that we originate from. Although we do change form so-to-speak by inhabiting bodies like this one of matter, we are never disconnected from our true essence of Love+ which is who we essentially are.

We inhabit a body by slowing down our vibrational energy and form into matter.   When we sleep, our spirits are no longer confined by the limited thoughts of the cranial brains nor restricted by the weight of the matter of the body; it is then our spirits can move about freely and wildly.  When our cranial brain becomes active again and the body wakes up, it can only recognize in the dream and thus recollect what it can understand in this limited state.

While “home,” we know and understand ourselves to be love and all love represents as it’s a given.  It is purely, simply and entirely the essence of who we are, what we consist of, and all that surrounds and accompanies us.

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Just to BE

The thing about our true home state is we have no way of BEING what we are in that perfect, paradisal environment.  For us to BE something, we must at the same time have a choice not to be that something’s opposite.

A good way to maybe compare it with is a person who is born into a very wealthy family that is worth millions.  This person has been handed everything since day one and never needed for anything.  This person never did anything to BECOME rich, they just simply showed up and IS rich.

This person IS rich just like we are Love +.

The thing is, a millionaire who has never experienced what it’s like to be poor has never truly experienced being rich because something can only be experienced in the presence of its opposite, and only to the same degree and depth to which one experiences its opposite.  In other words, the more one experiences the opposite of who we are e.g. poor, sad, confused is to the same degree one can experience being that which we truly are e.g. rich, love, joy, enlightened.

Rich does exist without its opposite, but BEING rich cannot be truly EXPERIENCED and thus fully REALIZED without experiencing its opposite, which in this case is poor.

The same thing goes for being anything.  If one has never experienced sadness or disappointment one will not know what it feels like to truly be happy and satisfied because there’s nothing else to compare it to, there’s no contrast.  Happiness can exist without its opposite, but only in an “is” state as opposed to a “being” experience.  One is not able to experience the excitement of being happy until one has first felt the woeful effects of being sad.  For then happiness, who we essentially are, can then be fully realized by way of experience.

Realized= Made Real

The same thing goes for love, for if we’ve never experienced being fearful and/or hateful because love is all there is where we come from, then we will not be able to fully experience what it truly means to be loving.  For there is no way a person can truly be anything, unless and until we have a simultaneous choice to be its opposite.

Just like there is no experiencing kindness without cruelty and no being merciful and forgiving without someone to forgive.  There’s no understanding without negative judgment, no empathy without pain; no being compassionate without suffering.

There’s no hope without doubt; no generosity without greed; no confidence without insecurity; courage without cowardice. There’s no freedom without bondage; no being a healer without a wound; no being a peacemaker without turmoil and war.  There’s no wisdom without ignorance and no experiencing truth without first experiencing myths, lies, and untruths.

Everything that happens on Earth is relative aside from the Absolute Truth.

In other words, everything on Earth is relatively being something in relationship to or proportion with something else.

Notice how everything on Earth is all about balance.

There’s no high without low; no up without down, no “good” without “bad”, no “right” without “wrong”, hot without cold, short without tall, fit without fat, healthy without sick, hard without soft, gross without delicious, clean without dirty, wet without dry, rough without smooth, late without early, beautiful without ugly, fast without slow, big without little, old without young, full without empty, etc..

We, being wise, courageous, immortal spiritual beings, understood for us to fully experience the magnitude to which we truly are, we knew we had to be among the gamut of which we are not.

And thus, hence the creation of Earth.

If we were to sum up the meaning of life in one word, the word would be –EXPERIENCE.

Life is a literally the ultimate, extreme game that we created to be who we truly are experientially and not just understood of conceptionally in our divine minds.

We wanted to be loving and not just is loving.  We longed to be forgiving and not just is forgiving, and compassionate, and understanding, and patient, and brave, etc…

We knew that for our plan to work to experience ourselves, we would need to be in a place where our opposites existed.  We knew to be who it is we truly choose to be from a completely objective and unbiased position, we would have to have no recollection of who we truly are upon coming into this world.

Hence, the amnesia.

And we also realized for us to move along through our experiences and lives we’d have to have a storybook-like context to outline it all in and therefore would need to create a place where not only opposites (polarities) exist, but also reference points in the form of space (here, there and in-between), and time (past, present, and future).

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Amnesia & Remembrance

This amnesia causes us to have no memory of who we are, what we are, and where we come from upon being born on Earth.   For if we did remember who we are it would defeat our whole purpose in being here.  That is to experientially be who we are through our ultimate free will to choose who and what we want to be.

The amnesia causes us to forget who we are unless and until we are reminded of it somehow.  We can then start the exciting and crazy ass fulfilling process of remembrance through our hearts.

Remembrance is not a necessary part of life to fulfill our soul’s mission for being on Earth; however, it is no doubt beneficial if we experience it while in these bodies, especially if we’re living what’s considered a long life or a difficult one.

Remembrance causes life to be viewed and lived with the light on so-to-speak, and this new way of perceiving all that happens in life, puts an end to a person’s continuous suffering and darkness.

Remembrance, is the highest level in life a person can achieve.  Why?  Because what we remember, is far better than anything we’ve probably ever thought of with these cranial brains.

Earth is a world of polarity, relativity, free will, space, time, and absolute truth which was created by us and for us for the sheer intent and purpose of experiencing who we truly are.  Life here gives us the opportunity to be who it is we choose to be and create our lives per our design.

This is why life is truly a gift, even though I know it can seem much more like a curse at times.  Believe me, I know.  Between the amnesia and false, destructive programming that does a great job at things like:

  • Disconnecting us from our hearts, our lifeline, and All That Is by teaching us truth is found through our unemotional, limited, easily manipulated and programmed cranial brains.
  • Destroying our free will, often in the name of “God” with threats of doom upon disobedience and promises of rewards upon complete conformance.
  • Coercing us into forgoing our truth via our own life experiences and insisting our knowledge of “God” and understanding of life come from other people’s life experiences, beliefs, and “truths”.
  • Teaching us we’re separate from God, and that we’re unworthy, unclean, and/or sinners by nature.
  • Teaching us we’re separate from others and thus causing division, discord, dis-function, dis-ease, and disunity within us and as a collective.

These are many of the chief beliefs that have contributed to our oppressive state in the United States and many places on Earth that is being experience on both an individual level as well as a collective one.

For these beliefs, do not accurately represent who and what we are, who and what ATI is all about, nor correctly depicts the truth behind the meaning of life, and thus keeps us from truly living with all the potential we have to live.

Because we’re living realities created out of these false conceptions, understandings, interpretations, myths and lies we are consequently robbed of the joy, fun, and freedom life would offer in light of the Ultimate Truth.

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God is Love, Look Out!!!

You may think and believe that the things I say here are total blasphemy.  I know there was a time I would have thought the same thing upon hearing such things before the experience of Remembrance.  I know we’ve all been programmed to think certain ways our entire lives and if something doesn’t fit into our current bubble of understanding of “God” and “truth” it’s considered blasphemy.

Blasphemy Defined-

The act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk.

Great disrespect shown to God or to something holy.

Something said or done that is disrespectful to God or to something holy.

The thing is, to think God/Source/Creator is anything less than the ultimate, truest, and purest formulation and expression of LOVE and all love represents is blasphemy and blasphemy at its core.

So many of us are taught All That Is is a jealous, needy God requiring things from us, but God, Our Creator, Source, ATI… is GOD, All That Is.  How is it possible that All That Is needs anything!?  ATI lacks nothing and therefore is in need of nothing.

It is people and organizations that are needy.

If ATI was to want something it would be for us and not from us.  For ATI simply wants what we want.  For us to experience who we truly are by being it via our own choice and free will.

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“FREE” Will

Many mainstream religious programming teaches us we indeed have free will, as that’s obvious, and that God has given us this free will to choose whatever we want to do in our life.

Free defined-

Not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes.  Not physically restrained, obstructed, or fixed; unimpeded.  Not determined by anything beyond its own nature or being: choosing or capable of choosing for itself.  Not subject to the control or domination of another.  Not bound, confined, or detained by force. Having no trade restrictions.  Without cost or payment. Without charge, for nothing. 

But how is it free will when the cost of a wrong choice could end someone suffering the most horrific fate imaginable? 

 “Here, you can choose whatever you want in life, but take heed, if you choose wrong I will damn you to a place called Hell where you will burn in a fiery pit forever!!”

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the story supposedly signed by God goes on to say:

“And there will be absolutely no reprieve or redemption of any kind, but those damned souls I will turn away from and never look back on, and never to love again.” 

I’m paraphrasing here, but I’ve heard the story of “God” and “Hell” told enough times I could recite it in my sleep.  Plus, chances are, I’m not telling you anything you haven’t heard for yourself.

You can probably even recollect seeing pictures depicting hell… black souls covered in bright red flames, screaming in endless agony with their arms flailing all about…

This story of God condemning people to a hell is not a warning by God, but a threat by religions.  It was a story created millenniums ago to intimidate, scare, manipulate, and control people for personal gain and power.

Ask yourself, what kind of so-called free has the potential of costing someone their life? And an even better question, what kind of “heavenly father” or Godnwould attach such a price?

Free will is just that, free, and free does not cost anything nor have any strings attached.  There is no price to ever pay in free.

Just like there is are no conditions in unconditional.

But don’t take my word for the gospel truth, that’s how the vicious cycle got started and continues.  Seek the answers of truth through your own soul and be open to the answers.  The Truth will always resonate perfect harmony with you.

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The Vicious Cycle

Evil defined-

Wicked.  Causing harm or injury to someone.  Marked by bad events. Harmful; injurious.  Characterized or accompanied by misfortune or suffering.  Unfortunate; disastrous.  Marked by anger, irritability, irascibility, etc..

(Defined by Meriam-Webster and

Even most not so good parents would never think about burning their child when they did something the parents didn’t approve of, never mind putting them in a fiery pit for an eternity!

It’s about as vicious and absurd as a parent taking their child to an amusement park and telling them, “You are free to ride any ride you want, but if you ride that one right there, and possibly another one, I will send you to a place that will cause you nothing but the most agonizing pain imaginable, and will leave you there, never to return for you and never to love you again.”

This way of being is not love, and therefore not Godly because love is all God is.  In fact, this way of being sounds much more like an evil, most violent “Satan”.

Violence defined:

Behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.  Strength of emotion or an unpleasant or destructive natural force.

Acting with or characterized by uncontrolled, strong, rough force.

Caused by injurious or destructive force. Intense in force, effect, severe, extreme.

Great destructive force or energy.

We are taught that God is one of judgement and condemnation to the degree a soul either ends up singing with the angels in the most magnificent place called Heaven, or is flailing around burning in a lake of fire in a pit called Hell.

And yet at the same time, we are taught that this same God is unconditionally loving and gives us the free will to choose what it is we want to do with our lives.

And so, this decision of whether we’re going to be singing with the angels or flailing with the heathens is based on the condition of how one chooses in their life of free will.

It’s no wonder why people are so lost, confused, angry, frustrated, sad and tired.

After all, this is just the way life is.

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The Vicious Cycle Cont…

It’s no wonder why people are so lost, confused, angry, frustrated, sad and tired.

In many of our mainstream religions we are taught that we are born separate from God; that God is outside of us.  We are told we must do certain things, behave in certain ways, and go to certain places to get close to God to have a “personal relationship with him”.

We are told that if we do these things and are a “good follower”, “true believer”, “man of faith”, “fearer of the Lord”, a “saint” etc…, we are promised all kinds of rewards and goodies.

And of course, the vicious circle would not be complete nor the religions schema as convincing without a huge dose of shame that makes us feel unworthy and so incredibly indebted.  And often this shame comes by way of the story being told around Jesus’s crucifixion.

How do people manipulate us into doing something we might not otherwise do aside from threatening us?

They make us feel bad.  They somehow manage to get us to feel guilty, shameful, pity, and/or indebted towards them.

Jesus’s crucifixion was the ultimate sacrifice indeed, and it was done to proclaim the true nature of God, which is love, and the immense power this love beholds.

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You OWE “Me”

The Christian religion tells us that Jesus died for our sins in order to save us from our sinful nature, that God created us to be like in the first place.

To paraphrase what supposedly Jesus is saying to all of mankind- “I died on the cross so now you owe me. I sacrificed my life for you so now you need to sacrifice your life for me.  So, no matter where you are born on Earth, and regardless of what family and culture you are raised, and in what time period, you must bow down your very life for me, devote and dedicate it entirely to me, and do as I say, and if not, I will turn my back on you and damn you to burn in Hell, forever.”

That’s not love, but bullying, threatening, manipulation, not to mention a torturous murder of one’s truest identity, their Soul.

I do not know for sure if Jesus even existed, nor do I know what all went down 2,000 years ago.  If I was alive during that time and witnessed any of it, I do not remember it.  And the history of it all from what I have researched is very conflicting.  All I know is that if Jesus did die to show the people of the day what love is, and to save them from their destructive ways, then religions have robbed Jesus of his magnificent gift by attaching all kinds of strings and conditions in his name.  These demands of repayment for his actions by demanding all lives be turned over to him, is nothing more than an attempt at controlling others for religions personal gain.

Religions also continuously insult Jesus by way of his supposed need for constant praise and approval.  I cannot imagine the supposed almighty son of God, Jesus, needing our praise and worship.  I imagine Jesus is totally fine, without people worshipping him and telling him how awesome he is.  He would already know it.

In fact, I would imagine a Jesus who truly loves would prefer us not to be sacrificing our lives to worship him.  I also see Jesus as loving us enough to want us to get on with our lives for the purpose of why we have these lives in the first place.

If Jesus’s motive with his crucifixion was so we would then sacrifice and lay down our lives for him, it then would not have been something Jesus did for us, but to get things from us.

It would then not have been an act of Love, but a grandiose scheme to manipulate, control, and abuse us with his power to gain things from us.

That’s no more gracious, righteous or unconditionally loving than a parent who sacrifices their dreams to see their child’s dreams come true only to tell them, “I made all these sacrifices for you so now you owe me.  You would not have this incredible life and career if it were not for me, so you need to make it up to me by devoting and dedicating the rest of your life to pleasing me and doing what I say or else I will destroy you.”

Religion has disgraced and misrepresented Jesus by turning him into an egomaniacal, violent, powerless, weak, insecure, manipulative, judging, condemning God and has used him and his life’s story for their personal gain and benefit.

Religions have taken Jesus’s story, molded it to fit into their context, to suit their agenda, and then fraudulently signs Jesus’s name to it as if to say “this is GOD speaking, you better listen or you will perish!”

Talk about major manipulation and abuse of power.  Not to mention, this is supposedly our role model on how to be and live.


It’s a sad, mad, world indeed.

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“Unworthy Sinners”

Many religions aspire to keep their people dependent on them by telling them they are born unworthy, deficient, and sinful.  By continuously telling people how weak and inept they are on their own, they will then be more easily convinced they need to go outside of themselves to be “guided”, “saved”, “filled up” etc.…

This so-called “God” that is depicted here, is no more gracious, righteous, or unconditionally loving than a parent who brings children into the world and then tells them they need to be continuously grateful to them for giving them life.   That they are nothing without them and constantly remind the children of all their sacrifices.  That the children must continuously show their gratitude by doing whatever the parents ask, and gladly, or else they will stop loving and caring for them.

Children rely on their parents to literally survive so of course they are going to do whatever the parent asks in order not to die!  And, because children believe everything their parents tell them, they are going to feel very unworthy of unconditional love on their own.  They will also most likely feel even grateful to their parents for their very life, for all their “sacrifices”, and for their so-called love, care, and support.

This is not love, this is manipulation.

Children believe what their parents tell them, just like “God’s children” believe what their “God” tells them.


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Chasing God

We do not read last week’s newspaper to tell us what’s happening today, why are we constantly looking back 2,000 years ago to tell us how to live now.  God is just as much alive today as back then, and full-on capable of the same kind of communication with us directly.

The survival of many religions and spiritual groups are dependent upon people thinking they need them.  For these organizations to not only survive, but thrive, people must feel they need them to keep going back to “reorder” whatever it is the religions and spiritual groups are offering.   One only feels they need something when they believe they are at first lacking.  Many of us do feel this need because we are indeed lacking.  We are lacking in the most valuable connection with our lifeline/God/Source/ATI.

We are continuously taught God is found in the truth of the word and therefore we must be tuned into our cranial brains that are responsible for reading words.  If we are tuned into our cranial brains while seeking for answers, we are not tuned into our hearts.  And by not tuning into our hearts, we are not receiving our truth, direction, reassurance, and support from the connection and communication our Heart gives us with All That Is and therefore are indeed lacking.

Religions separate God from us by telling us God is outside of us.  That we must go somewhere like a church, chapel, temple, or mosque to find God.  But how is it possible that God who is omnipresent, that is present everywhere and at the same time, be outside of us?

These false teachings inform us that we are separate from All That Is which includes being separate from all others.  These beliefs have been misguiding us away from the Ultimate Truth for ages.

Being disconnected from our hearts and tuning into solely our cranial brains makes it very easy for people to become manipulated.  And the more we’re separated from the Truth of who we are, who ATI is, and the meaning of life, the more suffering we endure.  It’s inevitable that the further we are from our hearts, the worse life becomes for us, the more misery we experience, and the less we care about other people.  If we can’t feel for ourselves how can we feel for others?

We’ve been taught in our sad society that feelings come secondary if at all.  We’re told that emotions are weak and not to trust them.   We’re told to do the “smart thing” and to “think about it” instead of trusting in our Hearts and Souls.

The million-dollar question is, think about what? What we’ve been programmed to think about? And who benefits from that thinking?

And the billion-dollar question, whose life is it anyway? Are you here to live your life using your own head and heart or are you going to allow other people you may or may not even know make your most important life decisions for you and dictate how your life needs to be perceived, interpreted, lived, and expressed?

This world is full of followers and dependents that have been raised by followers and dependents so people don’t know any better, until they do.  The subtle manipulation and intimidation tactics can come by way of continuous instilments of fear, shame, guilt, judgement, condemnation, powerlessness, through threats of humiliation, alienation, withholding love and/or support.

Take a moment and think about if you’ve been programmed against venturing out into the wide open and checking life out for yourself? If so, what have you been told?  It’s important to confront these issues head on because what you look at will disappear if it is an illusion.  Just like the lie pyramid that won’t hold up under scrutiny.

To live via the heart causes one to be an independent, creator of their own life.  It causes one to trust themselves and not rely on any one else to tell them how they should think, live, and be.  Truth gives a person great confidence because they know that no matter how others dig at them, their story will not just hold up, but will get deeper and broader the more one seeks.

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Observations vs. Negative Judgments

This is not to say that religious and/or spiritual leaders are “bad” people.  The programming has worked its way on every one of us in one way or the other.  People believe what they’ve been taught to believe and are doing the best they can with what they know.

We are not on this Earth to negatively judge another soul as it’s not wise nor productive.  Negatively judging anybody never resolves anything.  In fact, it gives attention to the issue which only feeds it because everything is energy and energy is magnetic and thus causes the negativity to grow.

However, it is wise to observe.

When a dysfunctional system has been detected, observations should always be made considering them, and possible solutions discussed in the hopes a better way and future can be found and achieved.

If religions taught us the Ultimate Truth, that there is nothing to fear; that there is no judgment day, Satan or lake of fire, people would realize they do not need religion to keep them on the “straight and narrow”.

Religions aren’t necessarily a bad idea in my opinion, just the definitions of religions that can be a little misleading and restricting and destructive sometimes.

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Trust Yourself

When a person does not trust in themselves for their own guidance, but instead looks to other people for every move to make, they will find themselves all over the place in life.

This way of living contributes greatly to one’s confusion, and anxiety.  It keeps a person guessing therefore not knowing, for one cannot wholeheartedly put their trust and faith in another human being.  Other people simply cannot tune into our truth in the same way we can.  Not to mention they need to be focusing on their own life.

You will only find certainty and trust in yourself and All That Is after being heart connected and witnessing firsthand the communication and support.

Unless what another says resonates as truth within your heart (not your cranial brain), you should give no weight to their opinion and dismiss it as quick as you hear it.


An easy way to know if something is of our true nature is that it will be our:


  • HIGHEST THOUGHT we can possibly think about ourselves, and will always include all life as we are all one.


  • CLEAREST AND TRUEST WORD spoken from our heart.



  • GRANDEST FEELINGS with peaceful resonance.


The ways of God will always be of love and truth or a derivative thereof and will always be all inclusive to all that is.

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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from The Tree

Who and what we believe the source from which we come is who and what we believe ourselves to be about.  It would be very hard to imagine ourselves different than the source from which we come.

If we think God can treat us so unlovingly as to give us these lives and then tell us how rotten we are, and then condemn us for being rotten, and all because “He” made us this way in the first place doesn’t give us a whole lot to aspire up to.

“I’m going to create you in this sinful nature, and then you’re going to sin and then I am going to punish you for being sinful.”

We’re taught God is tempting us with these life experiences just so he can judge and condemn us if we choose to experience certain ones.

Again, if you think this is blasphemy, think again, and for yourself minus the programming.  To think God is anything less than the grandiose definition of Love is blasphemy.  Believing God would express anything less than the highest formulation of Love imaginable towards us that we can conceive of blasphemy.

The programming has created a belief in many of us whether unconscious or conscience that would have us to believe we are naturally more like a Satan than a loving, God.

These conditional, condemning teachings that have been our understanding of how God views, operates, and deals with us is going to be how we view, operate and deal with ourselves and all others.

With such an example, it is no wonder why Earth and so many of its inhabitants are struggling to understand life.  This separation and division first from God, and then from all others is a core reason to why there is so much suffering.

We create our realities from our thoughts of who we think we are and how we understanding life and our Source to be.  If we think we’re “unworthy sinners”, we’re going to create a world full of “unworthy sinners”.

The Love we essentially are is the grandest expression of unconditional love we can conceive of.  Even our grandiose visions fall short of understanding while under the spell of amnesia.  We can only grasp so much of it because we are constantly being imposed upon with the polarities and false programming of this world.

But no worry because our souls are always connected to Home.

We are reminded of our true essence every time we do something nice for someone without an ulterior motive.  It’s what we feel when we do a selfless act and suddenly become filled with incredible feelings of love, sometimes to the point it chokes us up.  Or when we witness someone else doing something wonderful for someone and we think, what a beautiful, kind, and loving soul and feel so deeply moved and touched we want to put them in our pocket and take them home with us.

We do have the potential to live in a beautiful world, but we must wake up to the fact of who we are and realize we forgot because of the false programming telling us we are so much less.

Good thing these myths about “God” are not true at all.  In fact, the kind of “God” many of these teachings depict is the polar opposite of the true nature of us.

But then again, would we not have to experience the polar opposite of All That Is in order to fully appreciate by way of experience what ATI is truly about?



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Our Souls Need SPACE

There is one thing our soul needs more than anything, and that is space.

Our soul needs space to be free to make our own discoveries and come to our own conclusions about what kind of life we want to live and who it is we choose to become via our own free will.

When we feel like we are being constantly judged for every little thing we do whether by God or by other people, it will create a virtual cage all around us.  And that virtual cage will continuously stifle and smother our soul and will not allow us to move about freely to express ourselves.  It will keep us from being able to experience our most profound, rich, fun, fulfilled and joyous life.

When we feel we are constantly being judged whether by people or “God” we can become afraid to make a so-called mistake as the price is just too steep, and so we never venture out and truly live. When the truth of God is just the opposite.

To paraphrase what is said in the book, “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsh, “if there was such a thing as a sin [which there is not], not living your own life by way of experience would be it.”  Don’t be afraid to make so-called mistakes; “mistakes”, are things we chose to do that we later realized isn’t something we want in our current environment.  If it wasn’t for those “mistakes”, we wouldn’t have learned and come to know that.  “Mistakes” are what aide us in our quest to experience ourselves and help to steer our path.

The Truth is, it’s nobody’s business what one does with their life.  And unless someone is interfering with another’s right to live a joyful, peaceful life (but even this has gray areas because of situations like needing to act on the behalf of the greater good, etc..), a person should be free to live and express themselves in any way they choose.

The bottom line is, we do not remember what our souls came here to experience, at least at first, nor what other souls came here to experience.  Nor do we know what souls came here to help other souls experience before amnesia kicked in.

It might be beneficial to keep in mind, I know it is for me, to realize our grandest experiences of living who it is we truly are, e.g. being forgiving, can only come by way of those hard life experiences when we need someone to forgive.

We do not remember the agreements we had with other soul’s before coming to Earth.  Those enemies of ours, the ones who have caused us the most pain and thus experience, could be in fact our biggest soul allies…

Our lives here are temporary.  We are immortal and we realize all this before coming here.

To hinder one’s free will and life experience on Earth by way of guilt, shame, judgments, condemnations or the like, is the ultimate off the mark thing to do as it completely goes against the reasons why we are here, that is to freely live and be through experience.

Unless a person is mentality or physically incapacitated to the point they are a real danger or threat to someone else, a set of rules is not necessary.  Institutionalized programming is NOT living one’s truth.  Looking elsewhere but one’s heart for direction is to limit one’s own life experience, and thus deny one’s sole, and soul purpose for being here.

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Spiritual Vertigo

I realize that this information may make you feel as though your world is being turned upside down, but the Truth is, it’s just being turned right side up.

This information may cause you to feel uneasy, maybe even upset at first.  All this does not need to make sense to you right away.  The sense of feeling off balance, i.e. spiritual vertigo, is bound to happen at first until one levels out.

There is no doubt in hearing the foundation one’s been standing on their entire life is a lie is very unsettling. I remember feeling at the very beginning of waking up from the illusion that I had been duped my entire life.  However, the more I experienced, and the more knowledge came to fruition with me, I knew I could not be upset at anything or anyone.  I had voluntarily duped myself with my free will of choice to come to Earth!  I full-on knew I would endure amnesia.  I knew what I was signing up for when I agreed to come to Earth, and you did too.  We all do.  We all come here willingly, believe it or not, for the drama and experience.  For how could we start our journey in the realm of free will, against our will?

Upon one being subjected to “new” information in this book (although it’s more a reminding of who you truly are) we definitely undergo a kind of culture shock.  But once the dust settles and we see the culture clearly, and the meaning of life perfectly adds up, and we can dig and dig and only come to experience more awesome truths, we somehow become very okay with our new way of life.

” As you start to feel the floor beneath you give way, know the illusion is crumbing. And when you start to see the reality for what it is, an illusion, not only the floor gives way, but the walls and ceiling open up too. What you temporarily thought was real, will dissipate before your eyes. You will see the mirage of what looked like life probably for decades slowly dissolve. It can then make way for the grand reality that only the Truth brings. You will find yourself maybe gradually, but probably gladly, letting go of the false life and gravitating towards Truth naturally. That is because your soul is Truth and it longs more than anything to be home, again.

The more you seek to know Truth through your heart and not your cranial brain, the more Truth you will find. And there is no end to Truth, no “mysterious ways” or “blind faith”, for what cannot be understood and made clear in the cranial brain, adds up perfectly through the heart.

The Ultimate Truth is Deep, Vast, Eternal, Omniscient…. for Truth, could be nothing less.

The more one seeks through the heart, the more one uncovers. And the best part is we find it’s not a new reveal to discover. Life’s simply a trick we played on ourselves for the sheer intent of experiencing life and our truest essence of identity. With no judgment, no criticism, no condemnation ever to be had.

If we can remember, and if we can rediscover while under this intentional guise of amnesia, we will experience the ultimate goal in life, Remembrance. And then Life will be seen clearly and completely for what it is, and the continuous confusion, pain, and suffering will be no more.”

There truly is great sense behind all the seeming madness.  And once you grasp it, you’ll be downhill trekking on a path that’s getting somewhere real and fulfilling you in ways you have longed to be fulfilled probably your entire life.

All the souls that are currently inhabiting bodies here on Earth chose to come here.  We all know that no matter, what we are immortal, and our true selves will continue on in their original state after these bodies die.  Our souls know this life is only a very temporary, short expression of living compared to the realm of eternity we always exist in, and therefore there is nothing ever to fear as we never truly die.


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True Rich Communication

The following is my understanding of ATI taught and shown to me by way of my own life experiences, through great mentors and quiet meditation.  Although I feel very pleased with the remembering/knowing I have received to date while in this body, I know there is still is so much more that can be made known and experienced.

Our true “home” from which we come and this Earth world are very different from one another.  Earth’s current collective living has been created out of illusions that have been created out of false information that have been created out of “truths” of the cranial brain’s eye; therefore, our current realities lack depth and richness as portrayed in the Truth Pyramid Analogy.  Our current realities are mere superficial realities and therefore our communication and ways of relating with ourselves, each other, and all things are mere superficial communications.  It is big reason why there’s so much inner turmoil, emptiness, and dissatisfaction with people.  There is just no way this superficial way of living can satisfy us as we are incredibly deep, wise, valuable, powerful, loving human beings by intrinsic soul nature.

The way we mostly communicate in our current reality is through language using words.  Definitions and thus words can only be created using things and concepts we have come to understand, and what hasn’t been shown to us (definitions) there are currently no words for.  As people experience life through the heart, there will become new definitions and thus new words as well as new ways of communicating. 


Cranial Brain’s Eye Living= Words- Illusions

Heart Living= Feelings- Truth

We need words in our current state of cranial brain’s eye living because we have a constant need to explain ourselves and justify our actions.  It’s not our fault, it’s most likely the way we’ve been programmed to be our entire life.

Once people become heart connected, primary communication will switch to the heart.

The more we tune into our hearts the closer we become to essentially who we are and the more interconnected we become to All That Is.

The more connected we become to All That Is the more we become One.

Because of this Unity we have little need for words as we do not have to continuously explain ourselves and rationalize our actions that have been done out of our cranial brains.

With heart living the primary means of communication will change from our cranial brain’s eye/words (due to separation) to heart living/feelings (due to oneness/unity).

We will literally be able to tap into another’s thoughts and feelings because we will be in tune to the energy these thoughts and feelings are putting out as it radiates a frequency.  Remember all thoughts, feelings and actions are energies.

The more heart connected we become the more sensitive we become to these frequencies and the more we can understand the communication and messages one’s sending out.

The more evolved a society, the less it has a need for words.

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Our Beloved Planet Earth- My Amnesia Memory

I realize the subtitle is quite the oxymoron, but true life is full of dichotomies and not black and white.  One must be able to look under the surface to grasp deep concepts.

I have a few very vivid memories of my transition from the all-knowing, vast state to where I would have to surrender to the amnesia.

I remember feeling a HUGE sense of dread at losing all my knowledge and forgetting everything I know albeit temporary when I was a baby.  I knew as soon as I tuned into the Earth world and focused in on my surroundings and communicated with those around me that I would forget everything.  I remember I fought very hard to stay in the omniscient, vast state as long as I could, but realized I had to eventually communicate and relate to people if I was to live the life on Earth I chose to live.

I remember thinking Earth was a very primitive world and the way adults thought and lived here was very small minded.  I remember dreading becoming like that, but I knew I would.

I remember the moment I bit the bullet, let go and tuned into the world all while telling myself never to forget this moment.

I remember that.

It’s a memory I have never forgotten nor will ever.

I have another separate memory where I was lying in a bassinet and was in a way rolling my eyes and laughing at myself because I was a helpless baby and couldn’t hardly do anything for myself aside for cry and poop my pants.  I remember reasoning it by telling myself I must be a baby first, and then a child in order to become an adult so I need to just deal with it.

I succumbed to the amnesia and thus became programmed.  I fell for the illusions created all around me and life hit me hard, numerous times.  Not just because of how real it all seems, but because so much of the programming is so incredibly destructive and defeating.

Current Earth holds but a tiny fragment of our true knowledge, light, love and truth.  It’s no wonder why so many people are miserable with their lives here.  The present state of the Earth because of the current collective state of Its inhabitants are the polar opposite of who we truly are and where we come from.

You may ask, isn’t that the whole point of these lives? To experience ourselves being and have all these negative experiences so we can appreciate being our true nature?  The answer is yes and no. Yes, we are here for experience, but no, it does not have to be to this extent and continuum anymore.  We’ve already experienced all the polarities that can be experienced on Earth through our hundreds if not thousands of lives already lived here.  Not to mention other planets of existence we’ve lived on, but that’s another book, and probably another author, I’m thinking, Gigi Young..?

The primary reason for us coming here now is not so much to experience being as much as it is to save Earth from severe destruction.

Of course, we can still experience ourselves being all while rescuing Earth.  In fact, there’s the potential for the most grand, extraordinary experience of helping to save a planet’s ruin.

People might not think they care about the plight of Earth, but outside the veil we all care tremendously.  Earth is extremely important to us as Earth is our creation, and we’ve all had a lot of incredibly awesome experiences here.  We do not want to fail our Beloved Mother Earth that has afforded us such amazing, rich life experiences throughout the multiple lives we’ve lived on it for ages and ages.  Most of us do not realize the magnitude at what we’re currently losing right now while inhabiting bodies on Earth, but if Earth dies, I promise you with every ounce of my being, that losing Earth to ruin is devastating to your soul on the other side.  Whether you can grasp that or not while in your body, I am telling you right now, it is a tremendous failure and loss that every one of us is going to feel and mourn.

Many of us (if not all) came here now to help save Earth.  I remember how I felt upon coming here and believe me it was not something I necessarily wanted to do, but something I felt I had to do; however, it was still my choice.

Maybe I knew I had chosen to have a hard life that would give me the experiences I would need to fulfill my life purpose(s) here and that’s why I dreaded my life on Earth so much, I don’t know, I don’t remember exactly.  But I DO KNOW the amnesia really messes with us, and works at causing us to forget who we are and where we come from. It’s the plan; it must work this way for free will to happen.  Our lives here must be something we completely choose to do on our own while in bodies and with the amnesia.  It must be done completely free from any manipulation, coercion or force from a source outside the realm of free will.  I believe that’s why I could trick myself into remembering the amnesia, I did it while I was here and in a body.  It was my will to remember.

I know we can choose many things as far as the life we want to live on Earth.  We can choose our parents, where we are born, our gender, our race, what we look like, and many other things that will give us the experiences we need to fulfil what it is our soul wants to accomplish.  Remember, what our Souls long to experience is very different than what our bodies inflicted with amnesia want to experience.  That is until we start to remember who we are, and then it all starts to unite. We know longer care, nor get caught up with any of the illusion.


The dilemma we are all facing right now on the other side is that when we inhabit a body on Earth, we forget everything we know.  And the programming on Earth is so incredibly off the mark, and has been so for ages.  This faulty programming does a fantastic job of rejecting any new concepts and ways of living, and it’s so convincing, intimidating, and condemning if even considered.

I believe many people come here wanting so badly to fulfil specific missions but are unable to do so because they get lost in the chaos, confusion and translation.

The bottom line is; we can only save Earth while ON Earth. So, anybody that’s here on Earth chose to be here and deserved a fn medal in my book.  So here, to all of you currently inhabiting bodies on Earth, here is your medal:




You deserve it!


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Death is an Illusion and Suicide is Never Condemned

If you lost a loved one to death, know I’m very sorry for that loss.  I know how hard it can be as I unexpectedly lost the person I thought I could not live without, and so know the depth of that pain all too well.  I hope you realize you do not need to feel sorry for them or worry about them in any way, ever, and that they are 100% perfectly okay.  They always have been and always will be. And this absolutely includes all people who have committed suicide.

A Soul has every right to end their physical incarnation and One is never punished nor condemned for it in any way.  However, souls that do take their own lives not only see but feel the pain and suffering of their loved ones and they feel incredibly sorry knowing they’re the cause of it.  But they also understand why they did what they did at that time with what they knew how.  The best thing you could do for someone that has “died” whether by suicide, sickness, accident, murder, etc.. is to go on with your life and be happy.  There is nothing more our loved ones want that are on the other side than for us to be truly joyful in this life, to live in peace, and to make the absolute best of it.

There is never any negative judgment nor condemnation towards any Soul on the other side because of the things they did while incarnated in the realm of polarity and under the guise of amnesia.  In our omniscient, all-knowing true home state, we understand entirely why people/souls do the things they do.  The complete picture is fully known and there is nothing but unconditional love for them.  Negative judgments, criticisms, and condemnations are not even a part of our language there.

We should never feel sorry for those who have so-called “died” or are “dying” for no one ever truly dies.  Sure, these bodies collapse but they were never who we truly are.  Yes, missing our loved ones that have exited must be life’s greatest agony, but truth is, we are never truly apart so it’s the illusion that someone has died, that is to be living no more, that creates the intense pain.

What’s real is the part we can’t see with these eyes nor hear with these ears but can feel with our heart.  So be sure and tune into your heart space often and feel your emotions freely, deeply, and openly.  You will feel your loved ones and they will feel closer than ever.  Talking to them out loud and expressing your thoughts and feelings is also incredibly healing and revealing as far the connection works.

Remember, what is real is not seen with the eyes, heard with the ears or even touched by the hands, what is real can only be felt with the Heart.  Our eyes, ears, and hands all stop working with time but what’s real is that which never changes.  We all exit this illusionary world and pity is not for that.  If one is to be pitied it should be the one still on Earth.  But still, these lives are so very temporary compared to the Eternal life we are always living, so Truly, we have nothing to ever worry about as we are with all our loved ones, FOREVER.

Whether an incarnated body here dies from old age, an illness, an accident, a suicide, or a murder, the only real part of us, our soul, never dies and is always 100% completely okay.

We have many exit points in an incarnated body that if our Soul is done here It can choose to exit and end this particular incarnation.   What our Souls want from this life experience and the needs of our incarnated body are usually very different.  It is hard wired into our physical bodies makeup to do whatever it takes to survive, but our souls know the ultimate purpose for why we came here.  They also know we live forever and are therefore not all that concerned with the needs of the physical bodies.   When it’s time to shed it, the soul does so gladly.  Whether it’s through an illness, an accident, a suicide or murder, death of the body is absolute freedom for the soul.

These bodies to our souls are in a way like traps.  You do not need to ever worry about somebody that has passed on.  I know by way of all my memories, dreams and inner knowing, people that have passed are doing a million times better than what we could fathom while in these bodies stricken with amnesia.

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True Communication Leaves No Mystery

Every fundamental, primary question that I have had that has to do with God, the meaning of life, and us have been answered.

We may not know every facet or detail of exactly why everything happens, but that doesn’t matter so much if at all.  Once one understands the fundamentals we learn to completely trust the process and see and understand the bigger picture.

The answers that I have received on understanding the basic principles of the meaning of life have completely satisfied me as well as others I know who have had the same experiences.  I rarely if ever worry about anything.  When I do or otherwise find my feathers getting ruffled it’s normally short-lived and not a continuous struggle for me. I’m quick to see the bigger picture and can put things into its true perspective as fast as I choose to perceive of things through the heart.

The truth of life is awesome and there is nothing to worry about, ever.  It’s exactly why those people who have had the near-death experiences and see a glimpse of the whole picture come back to their bodies and are zen as f*&%.  They know they have nothing to worry about, ever.

It wasn’t until I learned to be truly open and stopped thinking I already knew the answers that All That Is could take the lead and show me what truly is going on here.

The rate and degree to which the answers often came at first kind of shocked me.   I was not used to my questions and prayers being answered with such fervency and depth.  Not that every question I ask gets answered, apparently just the one’s I have a right to know and that serve me.

It blew me away to the point I started a journal in what I titled, my “Plugged-in Journal”. I know, not the best name but it fits.

In this journal, I write down all my questions and prayers that I want answered.  And as they were answered I would write down how they were answered, a note of gratefulness, and the date.  That way I would be certain to never forget all my answered prayers and questions.

I did this also because I realized a big part of me was having a hard time facing all that was being revealed.  At first it was hard for me to believe it was even happening.  It just seemed too good to be true, and too easy.

We are extremely important and valuable beings, much more so than we’ve probably ever dared to dream.  And all this that I’m saying here is very powerful, probably new concepts for you to grasp, at least since the amnesia.  So, don’t be surprised if your reaction is one of doubt.  When we’ve been programmed our entire life to think we are so much less than what I’m saying we are here, it’s going to feel very wrong, at least at first.

I realized to belittle myself was to belittle the experience.  All our life experiences are happening for a reason and ignoring them is not going to help anybody, nor our planet.   I knew I had to instead bring myself up to the experiences and start thinking newly about myself instead of dumbing the experience down to my comfort zone.

I eventually accepted the truth, that I am worthy of thinking of myself in this manner.  Just as you are.  And these awesome experiences and answers to my questions were worthy of my attention, appreciation and gratitude as well and is why I didn’t want to forget them.  The more thankful we are for the answers, clarity, and amazingly awesome experiences we have, the more they happen to us.  Gratitude literally becomes a magnet to attract more wonderful things.

Many times, as soon as I ask a question I am getting the answer.  It’s as if the answer was inside of me all along but I had to first bring it to my attention and conscience to release it.   That is how a lot of what’s in this book is being written.  I did not plan on including all that’s in this thing when I first started.  In fact, probably roughly 1/2 of what’s in this book so far is additional knowledge I wasn’t even aware of until I started writing about the fundamentals here.  Those things that I was not certain about, and that I needed more clarity in, I wrote down in my plugged-in journal and asked for answers.

The awesome and telling thing about the Truth is once you find it, you can dig and dig and dig and you’re just going to reveal more truth and more wisdom and more knowledge.  One Truth is going to lead to the next and then more and so on and so forth.  There is no end when one starts digging in the direction of the Truth.  It’s the ultimate adventure really.  And I’m also starting to think this book might never get finished.

Again, a person must stop thinking they have all the answers and seek for Truth all while being open to the answers to receive them.  And to the degree to which they seek and are open do they find them.

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Communication with All That Is- My Experience(s)

The following is my experience on how the communication has taken place so you know what to look for.  I encourage everyone to seek answers on their own and with an open heart, you will then find that the truth will find you through an array of glorious ways.

Source is hardly without resources.

Following is how the Truth has communicated with me after I ask a question.  It can be a question on anything that I want to understand more in my life.  For example, “please show me clarity on why my friend acts a certain way so I can better understand her?”, “what is my ultimate purpose?”, “please show me validation that what I’m undertaking is in alignment with my truth”.  There have been times in my life where I was so confused I didn’t know what to pray; I would then ask things like, “please help me to live my highest truth whatever that is while making it clear to me what that is” or “Please help me to do your will”.   That last one was before I realized ATI’s will is nothing more than wanting us to live our will.  Either way, the answer is the same.

Answers can come by way of inspirations, synchronicities, revelations, epiphanies and/or sparks of insight.  The also come by way of dreams.  The messages can range from a very subtle/soft message to where you feel like you were just hit with an internal flash of lightening complete with the thunder.  The latter would usually result in an openly verbal response from me such as “OKAY, WOW YEAH I GOT THE MESSAGE, THANKS!!!!”  Or something like that.  For some reason, I always feel the need to reply out loud when the messages/answers come in such a profound way.  As if I feel like someone is waiting for my reply and laugh when they get my response.  When they are subtler I find myself shaking my head, yes.

How the revelations, epiphanies and sparks of insight have worked for me is suddenly I will have a complete understanding of something I didn’t know before, at least at my conscience level.  It happens in literally seconds but is an A-Z explanation/answer that completely fills me with a total understanding and knowing.

There is no rationalizing, analyzing, studying, or researching anything to come to this conclusion.  It just IS.  It’s as though we already know it inside but something was blocking the knowing and then suddenly the block is removed and we see clearly.  The answers don’t feel strange or alien but feel very much a part of me and as though I’m just getting reacquainted with the knowledge.

The communication can also come by way of words from a song that just so happen to play on the radio at the perfect moment, an article I fall upon, a person who comes into my life, a random conversation I have with a stranger, something I see in a movie that resonates deeply with me, a YouTube video I feel prompted to watch or that comes my way, something I feel pushed to google, something I feel passionate all of a sudden to do, research, watch, etc..

This communication can also come by way of authors, artists, speakers, teachers whose works would somehow collide with my life at the precise time and would reveal something I need to know and understand.

And by way of events transpiring in my personal life among my beloved family members (including our animals of course), friends, and acquaintances that teach, show, or reveal something to me.

The communication also very much includes nature and animals, mammals and insects of all kinds.  There’s been birds, butterflies, moths, spiders, etc.. that show up at an interesting time and do things that provoke my curiosity.  If the situation is obvious enough I will feel prompted to look up the species and behavior on the internet to see what it says about those specific animals and often what they’re associated with.  I’ve done this also when I would have very interesting dreams of animals.

Also, I’ve found that numbers that keep showing themselves repeatedly to me have a very special message.  I also do believe in messages sent to us by way of what’s going on in the cosmos with the planets, stars, sun, moon, etc…  Why wouldn’t there be messages here as well since we are all interconnected?   But I have not had the time to really delve deep into all of that in order to have a great comprehension before writing this book, but it is definitely something I want to look into further in my life.

Whatever it was that fell in line with what I needed to know next never failed to show up at the perfect most precise time.  The information just seems to float to me effortlessly, and in complete harmony with my life and all that is around me.

Why wouldn’t communication with ATI be just like it is in nature; growing from the inside out and everything happening in its perfect timing?

The teachings often make me chuckle.  Many times, I didn’t even know I was going to learn something until AFTER I was shown it.

The communications/teachings are always unconditionally loving, wonderfully freeing, totally patient, all-encompassing, and abundantly life-giving.  They have NEVER been disapproving, belittling, judgmental nor condemning.

One of the best parts throughout the communication is being constantly reminded that we are NOT alone in this life thing.


That life is indeed a CO-CREATION.

By living through the heart, I no longer worry about things I used to.  I have learned I can completely trust the process; live in the moment, not worry about the future nor fret about the past.

We do however, have the control and are in the driver’s seat.  It is up to us to choose which direction to head and what paths to take in life.

This world cannot be a world of free will without absolute free will.

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Who and What is “All That Is” Exactly

I do not think while in human form anyone is capable of comprehending to the full extent the answer to that question as our energy vibrates at a much slower rate when we are occupying bodies of matter.  However, the degree to which we can comprehend All That Is highly depends upon how much false programming we have received while in these bodies.

Maybe if no false programming took place and if only the Absolute Truth was communicated, maybe then we would be capable of comprehending to the full extent who ATI is exactly. Regardless, what I have been able to comprehend while in a body that has been previously infiltrated with false programming has been more than sufficient in satisfying this amnesia stricken Soul’s quest for Truth.  Although, I’m pretty sure it’s just a splash of It ALL, it’s enough for me as it has completely satiated me and answered all my questions.

I have been looking for truth, knowledge, and understanding for the ultimate attainment of achieving longstanding wisdom, peace, and joy my entire adult life.

I will be sharing at least the fundamentals of what I have come to know and remember in this book.

To gain a great understanding of All That Is and how ATI rolls we need to back up to the beginning before individual souls and worlds were created.  We need to go back to the purpose of Creation in the first place.

In the beginning, All That Is was all there was.  And because All That Is was all there was All That Is had no way of knowing through Experience Itself.  Just like us, it’s impossible for any “thing” to know Itself in the absence of anything else because there simply is nothing else to compare Itself to.

All That Is knew It was intrinsically Love, Power, Value, Wisdom, Joy, Peace, etc…  but It had no way of Experiencing Itself in this IS state.

All That Is wanted to experience Itself and knew in order to do so It would have to create lives “outside” Itself but at the same time from Itself in order to have relations and thus experiences.

ATI would also have to have a place to have these relations and so galaxies and worlds, etc.. were created.

It’s basically the same thing that we are doing here with our lives but on a much grander scale.

But it’s for the same exact reason.

We are here having these experiences for All That Is to know Itself experientially in all Its Magnificence, Brilliance, and Glory.

And that is because we are literally All That Is experiencing Itself.

We are All That Is. And All That Is is LOVE.

And therefore, we are all connected and why we are all One.

I know that’s going to be very hard for some people to wrap their heads around, especially if they’ve been labeled and called things like:

A sinner, unworthy, disgrace, inferior, worthless, useless, pathetic, crazy, insignificant, deficient, bitch, asshole, jerk, stupid, a burden, a problem, trouble, a thug,  etc…

It’s also very hard to conceive that we are essentially these Beings of Pure Light and Love when we are constantly reminded of all of our imperfections and flaws, witness our aging bodies, feel so poorly at times, get so angry at situations and people, witness all the violence, hate, fear, crime etc..  But that is only because we chose to forget who we are and are living in this world of polarity, temporarily.

Here everything that is not of God, that is the opposite of LOVE, is part of the illusion created by us for us in order that we can have these experiences and know ourselves as the Almighty and All Powerful All That Is, Creator, God, Source, Divine Mind, etc…

This is also why there is no such thing as bad or wrong for there is only that which we are not. But even so, that which we are not is still a part of us for everything has come from us. Everything is our Creation and is why we essentially embrace It All. All That Is.

For without the so-called bad and other opposites of our true intrinsic nature, we would not be able to experience ourselves in this way. We cannot shun that which we created to experience ourselves and is why All That Is is All Good. For example, take those experiences in our lives that seem horrible at the time they happen, but then after the dust settles we can see all the inner development and Soul growth that took place because of the so-called horrible situation.

We cannot feel blessed until we’ve first felt what it is to be “cursed”.

We are not on this world to experience perfection; we already have that amongst our true Home.

We are here to experience what we CHOOSE TO BE via our own FREE WILL and we are here to CREATE OUR LIVES with that FREE WILL in this world of absolute truth, relativity, polarity, space and time.

Again, do not take my word for anything.  If you want to truly know the truth about anything go within and connect to your heart and ask that Truth be revealed to you.

It’s very important that you be specific to what you are asking for and communicate using your feelings.  For example: “I am feeling really overwhelmed right now with what I am hearing and I need clarity and confirmation.  Please help me to be open and recognize Truth within me and know beyond a shadow of doubt what is in fact, Truth.  Thank you.”

It doesn’t even have to be that long, sometimes “help me understand this” is all I get out, and that’s all it takes.

Again, very often we will find just as soon as we get the question out our truth is already making itself clear to us by how we feel when we look at each of our options.  Making decisions and life choices truly does become second nature once we are heart connected.

Remember, free will is an absolute truth and natural law.  We therefore must first seek before we are able to find answers.  We then get them only to the degree to which we are open and receptive out of respect for our free will.

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Creating Our Lives

The cranial brains may not be how we connect and communicate with All That Is. Or what gets us fired up about things; however, the cranial brain is what enables us to produce our most passionate, extraordinary life.  Or on the flip-side, a most ho-hum and dreadful one.

I fell onto the following knowledge when I was going through a very hard time in my life where I had an overwhelming feeling of being stuck, combined with a whole lot of sadness.  The stuck part made me feel like a hamster in a hamster wheel continuously struggling to get somewhere but never to any avail.  I felt boxed in, stunted, as though trapped in a virtual, mental cage.  I could not for the life of me understand why I felt like I was continuously bumping my head on an invisible ceiling keeping me from moving forward in life.

And the sadness came when life hit me with something so devastating it took my breath away for 10 months leaving me not able function right.  I couldn’t work so I couldn’t pay my bills, and was drinking a half a bottle of vodka a night just so I could forget the pain long enough to sleep.  All this after I had thought there was not much life could throw at me that I couldn’t handle because I had already overcome so much.  Boy, was I wrong.

I was desperate for more of an understanding of what’s the purpose of it all, and how to go about making my life as great as possible.  And so, what do I do when I don’t know how to do something?  That’s right, I google it.  Or what I call G-it.  Git it?  Yeah, I know.

I googled things like, “how to become unstuck in life”, and I came across a YouTube video with an interview with John Kehoe on the power of the “mind”.  I was fascinated with what I heard, and so I listened to it again, and then the third time I took notes.

That led me to research more on the Law of Attraction which led me to the movie, “The Secret”, which I watched three times, did more research, and before I knew it I was printing off 40 signs and taping them all over the walls and doors of my house.  I could not sit down anywhere without multiple signs in my face about who I wanted to become and what I wanted to attract in my life.  It was awesome.  There was something very invigorating, liberating, and powerful to me in understanding and believing I could change my life by simply changing my thoughts.

I realized it was my thoughts like, “I can only get so far in my business”, “I have to work really hard to make it”, I never have any extra time”, “I’m not lucky”, “people always disappoint me”, “no one knows what to do when they get to a four-way stop”, “I am so tired”,  “no one appreciates me”, that was limiting me and creating my life that never got anywhere new.  What those thoughts did was just cause me to keep repeating the same situations repeatedly, just with maybe different people.  It’s a very boring way to live and be indeed.

I was bound and determined to break out of that monotonous cage.

The information available to us gives us our understandings of life, and our understandings lead to our thoughts, and our thoughts form our beliefs, and our beliefs put forth our actions, and our actions make up our reality, and our reality becomes our truth.

Therefore, I knew from that moment on that I always had to keep my thoughts positive.  Positive thoughts would attract positive outcomes.   I knew that whatever I uttered after the two most powerful words in the English language, I would become.  Those two most powerful words are:  I AM.

Always, always, always be extremely conscious of what you think and say after those words, and always have them followed by what it is you want to be.  For example, do not repeatedly say things like: I am tired, I am sick, I am stupid, I am helpless, I am pathetic, I am useless, I am a drug addict, I am an alcoholic, I am worthless, I am a jerk, I am no good,  I am fat, etc… If you continuously say those things, that is indeed what you will become.

Instead when you find your cranial brain uttering those thoughts, interrupt them and say the complete opposite:  I am energenic, I am healthy, I am helpful, I am awesome, I am happy, I am sober, I am at peace, I am joy, I am abundance, I am prosperity, I am confidence, I am in great shape, etc…  You don’t have to believe it at first, I didn’t, but managed to get myself out of a severe case of depression several years ago, and have never been happier in my entire life by doing just that.

I learned to meditate to those kinds of words and can change my mood from negative to positive in 5 minutes.  All meditating is is thinking about something deliberately and focusing in on it.  I have not had one single bad day since I learned to take control of my life via my choosing what it is I think about.

Remember, our cranial brains will compute BS as truth all day so it doesn’t know any better, and your body believes whatever the cranial brain tells it, so you mind as well feed yourself the best story imaginable to create your best life possible.  Not to mention, the best story imaginable, IS your truth.  It’s all of our truths, we have just been misinformed a hella lot, and is why so much confusion, self-hatred, discord, disease, etc..  All those positive, affirming things are who we are, so mind as well start living it!

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Those Scary Thoughts

Sometimes thoughts come into our head that will scare ourselves and we may wonder why are we thinking such crazy, horrible things.  It’s only because our cranial brains heard that thought before and is replaying it.  Our cranial brains are like computers and store things, if something that happens in our life reminds us of a story we once heard, we’ll pull up that data through association.  It has nothing to do with the kind of person we are, so once the thought runs its millisecond course, acknowledge it for what it is and let it go.  If it really worries you, say to yourself or better yet out loud the type of person you are and that you choose to be leading with the words, I am.  And then don’t worry about it.

Also, because thoughts are energy and never die, there are trillions upon trillions of thoughts floating around looking for similar energy to attach itself to.  Again, just tell yourself who it is you are and the person it is you are becoming and let it go.

To Be Cont.

Thank you for reading.  If any of this information has helped you, please pass it on.  If it has helped you, you know it can help others.  We have all kinds of ways to share on our site.  Also, I would love to hear your feedback, keeping it positive of course, on our comment section located underneath each chapter/section of the book that’s available at the menu link, “TTCL Online Book”.

~Renée Chae

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I Am _______________________

I Am ___________

Be always aware what you say after those words, for what follows, you become.  If you want change this new year, change what follows those words and you will indeed become anew and exactly how you want to become.

If you want to become sober, say I am sober, if you want to be happy, say I am happy, I am prosperous, I am healthy, I am wise, I am loving, I am courageous, I am strong, I am peaceful, etc..

Replace any negative with positive and you will create great change in your life.  All the change you want is in your reach.

Great change really is that easy.

Happy, healthy, amazing New Year wishes to you!

I Am __________

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Let the Truth Be Told Behind the Meaning of Life

If the truth you’ve adopted behind the meaning of life is unraveling, trying to create a new story/truth by manipulating the unraveling untruths will only create a new false reality.  The square peg may have changed to a rectangle, but nonetheless, when the truth is a circle, a shape with straight lines will never fit.

We all tell ourselves stories to live, it’s how humans play out their lives on Earth.  The question is, how do we know the story we’re telling ourselves is the actual truth?  As in the actual truth behind the meaning of life?

We know because the truth is more a remembering than a new learning.

The truth adds up and makes perfect sense.  It resonates with us.  And the more one digs in the direction of truth, the more one uncovers truth.

The truth is UNIVERSAL and NEVER ENDING.  

The truth of life can never be KNOWN by way of information outside of us.  The truth can only be experienced by way of our heart/soul that is within.  Our hearts are literally our lifeline to the ultimate truth behind the meaning of life and who we truly are.  Our hearts/souls are what connect us to everyone and everything and make the way for unleashing the secrets and support of All That Is.

Having faith for the truth to be revealed takes faith and courage in the unseen.  But it’s only in this experience that causes one to know and truly trust.  Whereas info outside our firsthand experiences are ever only a belief and can always be questioned.

Quantum physics clearly shows we are all connected, and what affects one, affects all.  Any belief that teaches we are separate from others is a major cue for being a lie.  And any belief that teaches us God/Source/The Creator is outside of us is the biggest lie of them all.

Want to know truth?  

Start by stop beating a dead horse.  Scrap everything you’ve been told, have faith in the Source that is responsible for this life thing, and go within.  Stop living in the past and worrying about the future, but learn to live in the present moment.  Learn to trust and allow for the perfect timing and balance that is the crux of all life.  Have patience, the answers will come.  I promise with all that I am, you will not be disappointed.  There really is great meaning behind all this seeming madness.

What was said to the rose that made it open, was said to me, here in my chest.  ~Rumi

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Let’s talk about the things in life that truly satisfy and make us hella happy. .ʕʘ‿ʘʔ.

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The Blessings of the LGBT

The LGBT folks are serving great purposes while here on Earth.  Once one sees the big picture behind the True meaning of Life, they too will be able to recognize the blessings an LGBT person brings.

A few MAJOR things the LGBT people bring to the table at this critical and pivotal time in Earth’s history are:

  • They serve as the bridge that joins the current divide of male vs female. When we view others as different and thus separate from us, it divides us and division always weakens the whole.  This bridge is unifying us, adding to us, its filling in the gaps and making us stronger and more powerful as a people.
  • The issues have caused many people to critically question beliefs that have been handed down to us from past generations.  The so-called, “just the way life is” speech is no longer sensible nor an explicable excuse to many.  It has incited people to step out from the pack and creatively seek answers on their own, with these answers often being grounded in love and not fear.
  • Many same-sex couples can and do adopt children. Children whom might not otherwise have an acceptable and loving place to call home.

It is very evident to me in understanding the big picture of life that LGBT people are a HUGE blessing to this world.  Life is hard enough on Earth, never mind being constantly told one’s an abomination against God!  So they’re very courageous people indeed.

I have no doubt there will be a time when all people will see the LGBT folks in their true light, but until then its very important for them to know themselves who they are.  Once people know who they truly are it enables them to stand on firm ground when someone uninformed and misguided comes at them.

The LGBT person will then know it’s simply because the aggressor does not know any better.  They will understand that its misinformation that’s been passed down for ages upon ages that is clouding their perceptions and creating their realities.  Misinformation that’s being brought to light, addressed, and dismissed as myths, lies, and partial truths do not hold up under scrutiny.  Unlike the Ultimate Truth.

#blessingsofthelgbt  #thebigpicture  #knowwhoyouare  #thisthingcalledlife


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Conscious and positive music, Miley? Really? Now That’s Bad Ass. Truly.

This blog post is in response to Miley Cyrus being chastised on social media after ragging on rap. I just read this article written on about the ordeal, and I say…

Miley Cyrus Takes the Woke Road After People Slam Her Comments About Hip Hop

So what.  Miley Cyrus has the right to change her mind and navigate her life as she chooses. It’s her life and she owes no one an explanation. I think some people might not like her behavior because she’s brave and free, and they’re not, so they’re envious.

Our societies crazy ass programming

If a person can’t step back far enough to see the BS propaganda they’ve been infiltrated with in our society, it’s inevitable they’ll become resentful to free people. People that think they have a right to judge and get angry at Miley for anything she does are highly delusional for at least two reasons: One, believe it or not, we’re not here on Earth to judge or be judged, it’s not the purpose of life, and two, it’s societies BS programming that’s pissing people off, not Miley.  Think about it.

Miley lives her truth without apology, or at least should. She shouldn’t have to watch herself, or owe anybody anything for simply having her own voice. If she disagrees with a lifestyle, maybe instead of being offended, hear her out. People don’t have to agree with her.

All about balance 

All I’ve ever seen Miley do is seek out balance for her life and place in the world. She trusts in herself and her truth and is not afraid to live and speak it. She’s also not afraid to change her mind, which is awesome. It shows she lives in the moment and is not stuck in a rut.

How many people are flexible, open, and not afraid of living their truth like that? I’ve found hardly anybody does.  They live their parents and grand parents truth, their priest, pastor and teachers truth; their friends, artists, or tv shows truth… They don’t learn to listen and trust in their own truth and base it off their own life experiences. It’s no one’s fault, we’re not taught to. We’re instead taught to be good followers and not to trust in ourselves, but to listen to other people who supposedly know better…

Not living our own truth is as good as death imo. For what is the point of having an individual life if a person never learns to live it for themself? People are trained and programmed in our society to be copycat chickenshits imo.

Copycat chickenshits

Everyone’s so afraid of making mistakes and being judged or made fun of so people do the same thing and follow the herd. Really can’t blame them as the backlash and attack can be pretty insane.

Miley faces that judgment and attack over and over again. I see her being constantly accused of things that aren’t true because people can’t see in her what they’re not, so they make up shit to fill in the blanks. And yet, she continues being true to herself despite how people twist it to understand and suit themselves. I can’t imagine anything being harder than being in the spotlight like that in our f’ed up and twisted society.

Miley empowers, whether you want to acknowledge it or not.    

IMO Miley has done more to help put this world in balance by fearlessly kicking shames ugly, most destructive ass in much needed ways, and standing up for what she believes in than just about anybody. She’s not afraid to challenge mainstream thinking which needs to happen! I think she’s very powerful because she empowers others to break the bondage that comes with ill-programming, especially in regard to our societies shame inflicting taboos associated with totally natural sexuality.

If more people learned to think for themselves like Miley, follow their heart and live their truth without caring what others thought and of judgment, our world might just get turned right side up someday. #mileycyrusnews #mileycyrusliamhemsworth #liveyourtruth  #beyoumiley #freetobe  #mileycyrusrap

Miley Cyrus, I could not agree more, Unity IS what we need.To trust in yourself is to trust the Source that created you.

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Update on our Very First Heart Alive Workshop on Feb. 19th!

Thank you!!

To those who were able to make our very first heart alive workshop meeting on Feb. 19th, thank you so much!  We all enjoyed meeting every one of you and hearing your stories and contribution.   I’ll be honest, the drive I feel to get people together for these workshops is pretty intense, but in the most exciting, positive way.  Although, Rachael, Niki, and I can see and feel the potential of these meetings because we know firsthand what this information can do, just like with every new idea and concept, only time will tell.  Results through enactment have a way of speaking for themselves and that’s what we’re most looking forward to.  Life does not have to be a continuous question and struggle, we all have the answers of truth and life within us.

Communication is Key    

If you have any questions, concerns, comments in your head or heart that you would like to express about what was spoken about the other day, please never hesitate to speak your mind.  We appreciate the feedback greatly as I’m sure you realize as well, open communication is key for the success in all endeavors and interactions.

The 3 I’s

As I stated in the meeting, I now live by my intuition, instinct, and inspiration; I literally wait until I feel motivated and enthusiastic before doing most things.   Therefore, I’m not sure exactly when the next meeting will be because it hasn’t hit me yet.  If you have any thoughts/feelings on this subject, please do not hesitate to communicate them as far as when, how often, etc..

A New Fire

My motivation and drive this past week has instead been a complete 180 from where I thought I was headed.  Instead of continuing to transition out of designing into the workshops, I got hit with this new fashion business idea.  I can see and feel the potential this idea has to help fund the workshops and my excitement for it all is off the charts.

Your Ideas, Passions, Thoughts/Feelings?  

Meanwhile, if you have any kind of insight or inspiration to share that relates in any way to these workshops, please let us know your thoughts/feelings.

To Stay Connected

This message is being posted as well on my Facebook page (link below).  Please feel free to post any comments/questions you may have from there, or simply reply to me through this email.   If you haven’t yet liked our Facebook page, you may want to do that to stay up to date on God only knows what, lol.  But I have a tremendous sense of feeling/knowing, it’s going to be good 🙂

In truth, light, love, and laughter, may you have the most awesome day/life ever!


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