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Dedicated to Scott Joseph Cheney- June 20, 1975- May 12, 1998- Eternity. May the love and wisdom you so passionately shared with me touch every corner of the world.

Legal info




Winging Life

Our Sad Mad Society

The Silent Voice Within

What We Tune Into is what We See

Dealing by Distraction

The Constant Struggle

We Only Know What We Know

Primitive Earth

The Inevitable Programming

The Bad Sun Analogy

The Ultimate Truth is Endless

An Eagle’s View

Who I Wrote This For

My Christian Religious Upbringing

When Being Open is Discouraged

In Full Force

This is Who I Am

What is Truth

My Cousin Vinny

My Cousin Vinny- The Foundation of Truth Pyramid Analogy

Heart, Mind and Body- We are Tri-part Beings

The “Logical” Mind

The Unreliable, Limited Mind

The Minds “Truth”- Fails at Lie Detecting

Assumptions & Negative Judgments

Filling in the Gaps

Our Mind’s Eye Illusions

“Death”- A Most Devastating Lie and Destructive Illusion

All That Is (ATI)

These Illusions are not an Accident nor Our Lives a Mistake

The Heart Is Boss

Our Hearts are Our Lifeline

The Illusion of Separation

How to Detect and Live Our Truth


We Don’t Need No Middleman

Plugged In

Bursts of Inspiration & Those Awesome Ideas

We Are Our Hearts

If You’ve Disconnected from Your Heart

True Satisfaction

Heart Connected

Clearing the Channel & Living in Peaceful Resonance with Oneself

My Experience with Forgiveness

Heart Connected Cont.

Heart Barometer- Know Your Truth Test

Signs/Symptoms We Are Experiencing Our Truth and Untruth

Double Resonance and Double Dissonance

Time to be Still

What Lights Your Fire?

Getting to Know Yourself Better and Expressing Your Truth

How Living Your Untruth Feels to You

Who We Are & Where We Come From

Just To Be

Amnesia & Remembrance

God is Love, Look Out!!!

“FREE” Will

The Vicious Cycle

The Vicious Cycle Cont…

You OWE “Me”

“Unworthy Sinners”

Chasing God

Observations vs. Negative Judgments

Trust Yourself

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from The Tree

Our Souls Need SPACE

Spiritual Vertigo

True Rich Communication

Our Beloved Planet Earth- My Amnesia Memory

Death is an Illusion and Suicide is Never Condemned

True Communication Leaves No Mystery

Communication with All That Is- My Experience(s)

Who and What is “All That Is” Exactly

Creating Our Lives

Those Scary Thoughts

To Be Cont.