The Meaning of Life in a Nutshell

The Meaning of Life

Keep in mind:  If one accepts their belief as the die-hard truth, hearing a completely different view will always appear false at first because it opposes the belief one has already understood and accepted as their truth.

Who We Are and Where We Come From

We have life experiences like the ones we are inhabiting now on Earth because where we come from there is nothing but Love and all of Love’s derivatives (Love+).  Love+ is who we are and what we’re essentially made of, and there is nothing but Love+ in our pure existent form.

We know this is who we are and what we’re made of because love and compassion are our strongest driving emotions that reap our largest and most satisfying rewards.  This Love+ (wisdom, compassion, power, courage, etc..) are what cause a person to want to run into a burning building to save someone that might be inside, or help a stranger they see hurt or sick, even if it puts their very own life at risk.

When we are operating from our most intrinsic, instinctive state, we find we are all about Love+.  The confusion happens when we are misguided into believing untruths such as:

  1. We are mortal and death is something to endlessly mourn and/or fear.
  2. That we are to process and understand life foremost through our very limited cranial brains.
  3. That we are powerless and so much less than who we truly are.
  4. And many, many, more..

The key is, when we act from our hearts instead of our cranial brains, our actions feed, nourish, and satisfy us on our deepest level.   It is why when we do these acts from the heart they resonate so sweetly with us and generate deep satisfaction and gratification.  That is again because LOVE+ is who we are.

And on the other hand, it’s also why when we act unlovingly towards another and upset them, we also become upset and feel a disturbance within ourselves.  Which most of the time we then blame them for our disturbing feelings, when in reality we’re upsetting ourselves at the exact moment we’re upsetting them.  It is impossible for us to treat someone bad without simultaneously treating ourselves bad.  This is because we all come from the same place and are made from the same stuff.  We are all connected because we originate from the same source.  When we perceive ourselves as separate from others and judge them and hurt them our soul knows its not our truth and it causes great dissonance and inner turmoil.

What is truth for us resonates smoothly, easily, and peacefully with us.  While what is a lie for us rubs us the wrong way, goes against the grain of us, and thus creates inner and outer dissonance.

(Remember, this is the meaning of life in a nutshell.  My guidebook explains all this in much greater detail.)

Why We are Here

We come to Earth, this amazing land where free will abides, and forget where we come from so we can have a life with the option of choosing who it is we want to be, and what it is we want to do and experience.

Where we come from in our true, intrinsic state, there is nothing but Love+, and therefore no experiences can be had.  We simply cannot experience something else when there is nothing else.   There we exist in an “is” state as opposed to a “being” state.  Our lives like the ones we’re living now on Earth, afford us the grandiose experiences of being.

For us to achieve these experiences that we want to have and know what it is to say, “be loving”, and not just, “is loving”, create our lives per our design and in total accordance to absolute free will, we must not only forget everything before coming here, but be among that which we are not.  For us to experience our true selves, we must have something to experience our true selves against, and therefore created the opposite of who we are, Fear +.

And to the degree we can experience ourselves is relative to the degree we also exist among our opposite.  In other words, the more pain we feel through experience, the more joy we can feel.

There is no light without darkness; no happiness without sadness; no being forgiving without someone to forgive; or being compassionate without having first suffered.

We can only choose to do and be something when there is a choice to do or be something else.   With everything that happens to us in our life, we can choose our reaction and attitude towards it, and our thoughts and actions are always based in either love/joy+ or fear/hate+.

Free Will

One of Earth’s natural laws is free will.  Here on Earth we have a choice on how we want to live our lives.  The degree of free will one can express most often is relatively dependent upon the reality we are born into and that have been created around us.  In other words, the country and family we are born into dictates much, if not all of our reality.

Every person born on Earth has amnesia and forgets where they come from.   We count on this amnesia and natural law of free will to give us the experiences we long to have and to live our life as we choose.  True free will cannot happen if we remember our lives and existence before here, hence the need for and creation of amnesia.

Free defined-
Not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes.  Not physically restrained, obstructed, or fixed; unimpeded.  Not determined by anything beyond its own nature or being: choosing or capable of choosing for oneself.  Not subject to or constrained by engagements or obligations.  Not subject to the control or domination of another.  Not bound, confined, or detained by force. Having no trade restrictions.  Without cost or payment. Without charge, for nothing.

There can be no conditions, bounds, or contingents of any sort attached to free will or it will void its very definition and purpose altogether.

The Amnesia

I know we have amnesia because I remember the point I had to relinquish my memories upon living a life here on Earth.  I know how that might sound to some.  Believe me, I went back and forth for a bit whether or not I should include these memories in my talks and writings because it may sound crazy to some people.  I came to the conclusion that I can’t worry about what others think of me, that I have to speak my truth.  I figure if I can help a person come to terms with the fact that we all are, in a very real way, suffering from amnesia, then its more than worth any kind of ridicule.  I think once people realize this truth, that life may not seem so daunting and mysterious for them.  They may realize they have nothing to fear and are doing exactly what they came here to do.  And at the end of our life here, the veil will be lifted and we will have all of our memories back.

When I was very young, an infant or possibly toddler (I’m uncertain of my exact biological age) I remember fighting tooth and nail with myself to hold onto the all-knowing state from which I was.  I knew that as soon as I tuned into the communication being made to me in this world and adopted this temporary life existence that I would soon forget who I am and all I know.

I remember a big part of me not wanting to succumb to the amnesia was in full well knowing where I was being incarnated >>> Earth.  I remember feeling that living a life on Earth was similar to being in a dark tunnel.  A dark tunnel with knowledge the size of a pinhead compared to where I was at the time.  I knew that I did not want to live in that existence.  But I knew that in order to live a life here, and do what I wanted to do, that having to succumb to the amnesia is the inevitable trade-off.

I absolutely dreaded letting go.  I can still feel the deep trepidation upon knowing once I tuned in to the world around me that I too would be blindly subjected to all the misconceptions and false information that has created Earth’s current reality.

So I pleaded with myself not to forget, I actually remember repeating over and over again to remember this moment, never forget this moment….   and I’m very glad I do, because now I can share all this with you, all while knowing beyond any doubt that what I say is true.  What more can I ask for it even rhymes too.  (Yeah, I know I can be a total dork.)

If you read no further than this, and if I could wish one thing for you, it would be for you to know that you have nothing to worry about.  You too again will know everything and the truth behind your life is a trillion times better than what you could ever imagine while in this temporary body.

The Inevitable Programming

I believe that most, if not all souls are incarnating here with the primary goal of wanting to put Earth on a more balanced and healthier track.  But because we all have to come here with empty heads and no recollection of our existence before, and inevitably get blindsided by all the destructive programming that has taken over Earth, we forget our souls intent.  That is unless and until we tune into our soul for direction.

We also experience a grand array of negative emotions here on Earth because of the false information.  We then can become, and understandably so, distracted from our soul’s great intent and purpose here.

Considering the United States mental health statistics, it should be no surprise that the information we are being given on how to successfully and pleasantly traverse and live life is greatly lacking.

We do the inevitable, succumb to the amnesia, follow suit, and unwittingly end up doing either nothing to help Earth’s plight, or even sometimes doing more harm than good.  Unintentionally of course in the big scheme of things.  We only know what we know, and we can only know what we’ve been taught, and we can only be taught the information that’s currently out there.

And because Earth is a realm where one of its natural laws is free will, it is impossible for us to help Earth unless we are indeed on Earth.  Earth can only be helped from those beings who are living on it, and choose to help it.

The beings on Earth can ask for help, support, and direction from the unseen world because that does fall in adherence with Earth’s natural law of free will.  (If I lost you there at the “asking for help from the unseen world” part because it sounds too much like praying, you’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  There’s a lot to life that can’t be seen that is most definitely real; take love, electricity and energy fields, the placebo effect, quantum physics to name a few. Now read on 🙂

Balance and Earth

If you think you don’t care all that much about Earth that’s only because you’re thinking the way you were taught to think, with your unemotional head that’s full of programming, and not through your heart and soul.  Perceiving of life through your soul is seen, felt, and understood by way of your heart and not your head.  Not to mention, I don’t think anybody is signing up for Earth at this time because they think it’s going to be a bowl full of fun.

Life and nature are all about balance and perfect timing.  Most of us here are never taught how to live in balance with ourselves, never-mind other people, and because of that our environment suffers as well.

Once we realize and make real the truths about who we are, and after we learn to tune into our soul for direction and start living our ultimate truth, we become coherent, balanced and satisfied on every level.  Then as “side-effects” of harmonious living, destructive addictions, habits, and distractions that we previously looked towards to ease up the feelings of discord, fall to the waste-side and literally die from neglect as we find we no longer have any use for such distractions and faux life-fillers.

The Cure

There is a simple solution to end the continuous struggle and put both Earth and all Its inhabitants on a healthy and balanced track.

We are taught here in the US and many places all around the world to trust in our heads and not our hearts.  The massive problem with that is, not only are our hearts our lifeline and how we communicate with our soul, but our hearts are the boss and controller of our whole bodily system.   We live in a very exciting time now because science is now proving that to be true.

One of the very first topics I get into in my guidebook is how one can detect, know, and live the truth of who they are by connecting back to their lifeline.  We did this naturally as children, and up until we were told not to do this anymore.  I’m guessing the average age for males to disconnect from their lifeline to be between 3-8 in the US, while females around 5-10.   I am almost certain by telling children not to cry, be sensitive and have feelings is what is shutting people off from their lifelines from an early age and throwing them into a life of imbalance, and varied states of apathy, etc…

I am quite certain that our mainstream cultures strong belief that showing emotions are signs of weakness is why there are so many depression and anxiety disorders out there.  While also explaining why men are 4 x’s more likely to kill themselves over females, as well as men being 4 x’s more likely to kill someone.  Males are especially harassed and condemned for having emotions.

In our mainstream society we are taught to think with our heads and not our hearts; however, it is being proven that our hearts have a brain that is in fact much more massive and intelligent than our cranial brain.

Connecting back to our hearts is the most important, liberating, empowering, life-giving thing we can do for ourselves, and thus all else.  It is the difference between truly living to our fullest ability and for the purpose we came here for, or living with the quality of life much equivalent to a clone, robot, or zombie.   When we connect back to our lifeline, we are continuously communicated with, encouraged, and supported by the Universe.  And through this connection we know what paths to take that lead us to our most fulfilling and satisfying life.

“What was told to the rose to make it open, was told to me here in my chest.”  ~Rumi


Renée Chae,, 2017

Inner compass