The Meaning of Life in a Nutshell

The Meaning of Life- Intro

Most of us have no idea the true meaning of life and the real reasons as to why we are here on Earth.  We don’t know because what’s being passed down from generation to generation are mostly myths, lies, and partial truths.  Earth has been stuck in that groove for ages, hence the elementary state of our world.

We all have an inner compass that leads to truth and lasting peace and joy within us, but this is not what is being taught to us in our societies and cultures.  This is why there is so much chaos, confusion, illness, violence, etc… in the world.  Instead we are taught from the time we are very young to look outside ourselves for understanding and fulfillment.  But things outside of us can no more fulfill what’s in us than plastic fruit can nourish the body.  We are simply not designed that way.

I know I wasn’t aware of the meaning of life or how to navigate it until the last several years, and therefore suffered unnecessarily with the typical depression, anxiety, and distraction/addiction disorders for decades.  This information has changed my life and is why I spent the last 8 months writing so I could share it with you.  I know this information can help you not just get over those typical disorders, or what I call “side effects” from simply being born here, but cause you to love life, understand it fully, and embrace everything about it.  There really is sense behind all the seeming madness.

I’m not selling anything here, there are no commissions or compensation to be had anywhere on this site.  You have the right to know the truth.  Most people don’t know this truth because the stories that have been handed down to us for generations about who we are, who and what “God” is about and the meaning behind life, are false and very misleading.  These false stories have created false realities that do not accurately depict the true nature of life.  Nor do they sit well (resonate) with us because they are not our truth, and is why there’s so much discord.  Whereas the truth of it all is nothing short of miraculous, and resonates peacefully.

The following article titled, “The Meaning of Life in a Nutshell”, is a very quick overview of the essential Truths I’ve enclosed in my free online book titled, This Thing Called Life- Come Full Circle  The more you read and understand, the more you find the Truth is not something you come to know as much as something you come to remember.

Keep in mind:  If one accepts their belief as the die-hard truth, hearing a completely different view will always appear false at first because it opposes the belief one has already understood and accepted as their truth.

The Meaning of Life in a Nutshell

Who We Are and Where We Come From

We have life experiences like the ones we are inhabiting now on Earth because where we come from there is nothing but Love and all of Love’s derivatives (Love+).  Love+ is who we are and what we’re essentially made of, and there is nothing but Love+ in our true home existence.

We know this is who we are and what we’re made of because love and compassion are our strongest driving emotions that reap our largest and most satisfying rewards.  This Love+ (wisdom, compassion, power, courage, etc..) are what cause a person to want to run into a burning building to save someone that might be inside.  Or help a stranger they see hurt or sick, even if it puts their very own life at risk.

When we are operating from our most natural, instinctive state, we find we are all about Love.  The confusion happens when we are taught to analyze the situation to death in our unemotional and limited cranial brains, all while being taught to believe we are so much less than we truly are.

We find that when we act from our hearts instead of our cranial brains, our actions feed, nourish, and satisfy us on our deepest level.   It is why when we do these deeds, they resonate so sweetly with us, and generate deep gratification.

And on the other hand, it’s also why when we act unloving towards others and upset them, we also become upset and feel a disturbance within ourselves. It’s because we all come from the same place and are made from the same stuff.  So, when we hurt another we are simultaneously hurting ourselves.  Seeing ourselves as separate in this way as to want to hurt another, is not who we are nor what we’re about, and to pretend in this manner is a lie for us, and is why it creates so much discord and inner turmoil.

What is truth for us resonates smoothly, easily, and peacefully with us.  While what is a lie for us rubs us the wrong way, goes against the grain of us, and thus creates inner, and outer dissonance.

(Remember, this is the meaning of life in a nutshell.  My free book explains all this in much greater detail, plus a lot more.)

Why We are Here

We come to Earth, this amazing land where free will abides, and forget where we came from so we can have a life with the option of choosing who it is we want to be, and what it is we want to do and experience.

Where we come from in our true, intrinsic state, there is nothing but Love+, and therefore no experiences can be had.  We simply cannot experience something else when there is nothing else.   There we exist in an “is” state as opposed to a “being” state.  Our lives like the ones we’re living now on Earth, afford us the grandiose experiences of being.

For us to achieve these experiences that we want to have and know what it is to say, “be loving”, and not just, “is loving”, create our lives per our design and in total accordance to absolute free will, we must not only forget everything before coming here, but be among that which we are not.  For us to experience our true selves, we must have something to experience our true selves against, and therefore created the opposite of who we are, Fear +.

And to the degree we can experience ourselves is relative to the degree we also exist among our opposite.   In other words, the more pain we feel through experience, the more joy we can feel.

There is no light without darkness; no happiness without sadness; no being forgiving without someone to forgive; or being compassionate without having first suffered.

We can only choose to do and be something when there is a choice to do or be something else.   With everything that happens to us in our life, we can choose our reaction and attitude towards it, and our thoughts and actions are always based in either love/joy+ or fear/hate+.

Free Will

One of Earth’s natural laws is free will.  Here on Earth we have a choice on how we want to live our lives.  The degree of free will one can express most often is relatively dependent upon the reality we are born into and that have been created around us.  In other words, the country and family we are born into dictates much, if not all of our reality.

Every person born on Earth has amnesia and forgets where they came from.   We count on this amnesia and natural law of free will to give us the experiences we long to have and to live our life as we choose.  True free will cannot happen if we remember our lives and existence before here, hence the need for and creation of amnesia.

Free defined-
Not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes.  Not physically restrained, obstructed, or fixed; unimpeded.  Not determined by anything beyond its own nature or being: choosing or capable of choosing for itself.  Not subject to or constrained by engagements or obligations.  Not subject to the control or domination of another.  Not bound, confined, or detained by force. Having no trade restrictions.  Without cost or payment. Without charge, for nothing.

There can be no conditions, bounds, or contingents of any sort attached to free will or it will void its very definition and purpose altogether.

The Amnesia

I know we have amnesia through my firsthand experience because I remember having to relinquish my memories.  I remember fighting tooth and nail not to succumb to the amnesia when I was very young.  I knew as soon as I tuned in to the communication being made to me that I would forget all I know.

I pleaded with myself not to forget, but to remember that moment, and I’m very glad I do, because now I can share all this with you.  All while knowing beyond any doubt that what I say is True.  What more can I ask for it even rhymes too.  (Yeah, I can be a total dork.)

I remember a big part of me not wanting to succumb to the amnesia was in knowing full well where I was, United States> Earth.  I remember thinking where I was was/is very elementary and small-minded, and I did not want to become like that.  I absolutely dreaded letting go of the all-knowing, vast state from which I came.  I remember telling myself that for me to do what I came here to do, I had to let go and tune in and live a life here.  I can still feel the trepidation upon knowing once I tuned in to the world around me, I too would be blindly subjected to all the misconceptions and false information that currently plagues the United States and Earth.

The Programming

I believe that most, if not all people, are coming here now (incarnating) to try and save Earth from ruin and put it on a new track.  However, because we come here with empty cranial brains and no recollection or memory of our life before, and then get blindsided by the destructive programming that starts when we are very young, we inescapably forget.

We also experience a grand array of negative emotions, or what I call side-effects in the book, because of the mountainous life experiences we often experience here due to the ill-programming.  We then can become, and understandably so, distracted from our soul’s great intent and purpose here.

Considering the United States mental health statistics, it should be no surprise that the information we are being given on how to successfully, and pleasantly traverse life, is greatly lacking.

We do the inevitable, succumb to the amnesia, follow suit, and unwittingly end up most often doing more harm than good to Earth. We only know what we know and we only know what we’ve been taught.  It is simply impossible for us to know something that has never been shown or explained to us before, that is aside for praying and asking for it, in this realm of free will.

And because Earth is a realm where one of Its natural laws are free will, it is impossible for us to help Earth unless we are ON Earth.  Earth can only be helped from those beings who are living on it, and choose to help it.  The beings on Earth CAN ask for help from the unseen world however, because that does fall in adherence with Earth’s natural law of free will.

Balance and Our Beloved Earth

If you think you don’t care all that much about Earth, that’s only because you’re thinking the way you were taught to think, with your unemotional cranial brains in your head that’s full of programming, and not through your feeling heart/soul.  Perceiving of life through your soul’s is seen, heard, felt, and understood by way of your heart and not your cranial brains.

I know you must care immensely about all of life and Earth beyond the guise of amnesia or you would not be here.   I do not believe anybody is signing up for Earth at this critical, pivotal time because they think it’s going to be fun.

Life and nature are all about balance and perfect timing.  Most of us here in the United States are never taught how to live in balance with ourselves, and thus, have no idea how to with others.  And because of that our surroundings and environment are affected and suffer as well.

Many people are living in a constant state of discontent because of this imbalance.   We are out of balance because our emotions and bodies are dependent on what we think and believe our realities to be.  And since our realities are created out of false information, our heart, head, and body cannot cohesively interact and communicate with each other.   Our bodies need  the Truth behind life in order to live coherently.  Nor can we while in this state, effectively communicate with others or with our environment.  This (in a nutshell) is what causes all the suffering and disharmony both within and all around.

Once we become balanced through Truth, we eliminate all the discord, and every level of us becomes unified, cohesive, coherent, and satisfied.  Then as a side-effect of harmonious living, all destructive addictions, habits, and distractions that we looked towards to, albeit temporarily, ease up on the discord, dies from neglect as we find we no longer have any use for them.

We see and feel the connection with all that is on every level, and it feels right and peaceful; just like home should.  By us living Truth, we create positive reactions, side-effects and healthy symptoms that bring everything into balance in and all around us.

The Cure

There is a simple solution to end the continuous struggle and put both Earth and all Its inhabitants on a rightful, healthy and balanced track.

We are taught here in the US and many places all around the world to trust in our cranial brains and not our hearts.  The massive problem with that is, not only are hearts our lifeline and how we communicate with our soul, but our hearts are the boss and controller of our whole bodily system.   We live in a very exciting time now because science is now proving that all to be true.

One of the very first topics I get into in my free online book is how one can detect, know, and live Truth by connecting back to their Lifeline.  We did this naturally as children, and up until we were told not to do this anymore.  The average age for males to disconnect from their lifeline is 2-4 in the US, while females it’s 7-10.   I’m certain this has a lot to do with why men are 4 x’s more likely to kill themselves than females, with our military suicide rate doubling that.

In our mainstream society, we are taught to think with our cranial brain and not our hearts; however, it is being proven that our hearts have a brain that is in fact much more massive and intelligent than our cranial brain.

Connecting back to our hearts is the most important, liberating, empowering, life-giving thing we can do for ourselves, and thus all else.  It is the difference between truly living to our fullest ability and for the purpose we came here for, or living with the quality of life much equivalent to a robot or zombie.   When we connect back to our lifeline, we are continuously communicated with, encouraged, and supported.  Through this connection we know what paths to take that lead us to our most fulfilling and satisfying life.

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Renée Chae,, 2017

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