Introducing the Heart Alive, Free to Be Workshop

If you’re a person who loves discussing meaningful topics while looking for core, permanent solutions to the problems we face on a personal level as well as societal, there’s a new workshop taking place in the Springfield, Missouri area you might be interested in.

The workshop will be held in a relaxing, all-inclusive atmosphere, where everyone is welcome.  Individual opinions and shared life experiences will be respected when expressed, and free from negative feedback or judgment.   It will be a place where uniqueness and self-honesty will be appreciated and encouraged.   With the understanding that in allowing people the freedom to be themselves, as long as it is not interfering with someone else’s rights, is the only way we can reach lasting peace and solidarity.

Negative judgments towards others do nothing other than fuel this worlds hell fire and divide us, and division always weakens the whole.  However, that is not to say that there will not be observations fully dissected and discussed.  When a dysfunctional system has been detected, the only way to create a better system is through critical, open, and honest observation and communication.

Our Sad Mad Society

Our realities are solely dependent upon the information given to us on how to supposedly, most successfully traverse life.   If that information is not correct, confusion and chaos will inevitably ensue.

How realities are created in cultures and societies:

People are given information >

If that info makes enough sense to us in our minds it can form into our thoughts >

Our thoughts become our beliefs >

Our beliefs generate our actions >

Our actions create our realities >

Our realities become our truth.

The key question we will discuss in the workshop is, are these fundamental  truths that mainstream society continuously creates our realities out of actually true?

And if not, could that be what has led to such an ill-society, and world, with so many problems?

I say a big fat, YES.

The current state of affairs our society finds itself entangled in is because of inaccurate information that’s being passed down from generation to generation and sold as the die-hard truth.   It’s not a new problem. It’s in fact what has plagued Earth for ages.  Hence, our up in arms society and world.

The continuous struggle that we constantly face on one level or another is nothing other than side-effects caused from trying to live out falsehoods, coupled with voids of accurate information.

Winging Life

Take trying to fly a plane for example with no prior experience and half the instructions.  It’s going to be a very difficult, if not impossible flight.

So would trying to navigate life under such misguidance.  In fact, to have struggles would be a perfectly normal reaction.

A main ingredient that feeds the sickness is that we are taught not to trust in our own abilities, but that we must look outside ourselves for direction and guidance.

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”  ~Chinese Proverb

The problem is, figuratively and in a nutshell, we live in a society that is governed by industries and institutions that sell fish for a living.

If one accepts their beliefs as the die-hard truth, hearing a completely different view will always appear false at first because it opposes the belief one has already understood and accepted as their truth.

The Truth Within

“What was said to the rose that made it open, was said to me, here in my chest.”  -Rumi

The workshop will be about tuning into the truth that lies within each one of us for ultimate guidance, comfort, connection, and support.

“True leaders create other leaders, not dependents.”

Just as everything in nature in its true state and environment knows what to do and when, so do we have this innate knowing inside of us.  Confusion happens when we are taught not to trust in our own abilities, but to instead look outside ourselves for this direction, connection, comfort, and support.

While planes need guidance from outside itself to go anywhere, human beings are not machines.  We are in fact highly intelligent, powerful creations, and our fire is love.  That’s why love brings us strength and our grandest feelings, while doing its opposite weakens us, and creates so much dissonance.

Free to Be workshops aim at encouraging people to tune into their heart and listen to their silent voice within in order to live their truth.  Living one’s truth is how a person becomes free, in balance, confident, knowing, and alive.  Do you remember the joy and freedom you felt when you were a child?  That’s because children live from the heart.

Just as the body knows exactly what to do, such as grow and heal itself from a cut, so do we innately know every step to take that will lead us to our ultimate purpose and most satisfying life.  It’s the distractions and looking elsewhere that take us off course and cause imbalance.

In this world we can only see what we focus on and tune into.   Take a TV or radio station for example, unless we punch in the stations dial on the remote we’re not going to hear what the news station is saying, even though its broadcasting 24/7.  In the same way, unless we focus within, we’re not going to hear what we’re saying.

All we have to do is tune in, listen and pay attention, allow things to unfold in their perfect timing, and trust in the process.

Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. – Luke 17:21

Free to Be Workshop

Some of the topics and theories that will be discussed in the Free to Be workshops are:

  • New science surrounding the heart, cranial brain, quantum physics/zero-point field, and DNA.
  • The blank mind upon being born and the inevitable programming.
  • The “inner death”/disconnect that often occurs from childhood to adulthood.
  • The so called, “logical mind” and “dumb heart”, and how programming happens.
  • Living out of the mind’s eye and vicious cycles.
  • Theory behind why men are 3.5 times more likely to kill themselves or someone else.
  • The difference between absolute truths, individual truths, and beliefs.
  • How one can connect to their inner knowing and lifeline for constant guidance, connection, comfort, and support.
  • How one can live coherently, and in balance with oneself, and thus all others.
  • A full explanation behind the meaning of life that makes sense, adds up, and does not end in a mysterious way, nor needs blind faith. Instead leads to and uncovers more, just as the truth always does.
  • And many more exciting, meaningful topics.

The Silver Bullet Fix

I believe there is a silver bullet fix to end most if not all the problems that plague the people that make up our societies.  The poison is misinformation, and the anecdote is truth.  It really is that simple.

Workshops are free to ensure everyone has access to them regardless of one’s financial situation.  Donations are accepted for those who want to support the workshops, and can.


Pre-registration is required to ensure a seat.  

Where: Springfield, Missouri

Date: February 19th, 2017

Location:  The Library Center  (4653 S Campbell Ave in Springfield), in community room A (through the front doors and on the left).

Time: 3-5 pm

Cost: Free

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Workshops are to be led by Renée Chae.  Renée, who despite being born in a very loving, well-intended, fundamental Christian family outside of Boston, MA, and due to circumstances out of control, was on her own and without a home starting at the age of fourteen.  Being on her own at such a young age without the influence of parents, teachers, a pastor, or other adults, allowed her the needed room to grow and form her own opinions and knowings based off her life’s firsthand experiences.  She started to realize then, the explanations given behind the meaning of life didn’t quite add up and feel right to her, considering what she witnessed.  Her personal life experiences started to cause her to no longer just accept other’s beliefs as her own truths solely based on the “it’s just the way life is” spiel.   

She witnessed the great depth to her society’s illness when she was unsuccessful at finding a safe place to live for 2 1/2 years free from unwarranted sexual advancements, despite 50 plus attempts and the most seemingly promising prospects.  She often resorted to sleeping between bushes on a beach with a knife stuffed in her teddy bear, and got very good at things like climbing over 10-ft. barbed wire fences that surrounded train tracks, and jumping out of 2nd story windows and off decks to evade threatening situations.  Little did she know that her ex-Green Beret Father’s military training that he shared with her and two brothers years earlier would pay off and save her on several occasions.     

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